Health & Fitness in Covid period: Urban Indians become extra proactive

Health & Fitness in Covid period become significant. In the Covid period, urban Indians indulged in various activities to make themselves fit. Also, people get conscious of the importance of both mental and physical health.

Due to having medical implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, urban Indians are becoming proactive about their healthy lifestyle. It is according to a survey conducted by Max Life Insurance. It is the third edition of Max Life’s flagship survey. Name of the survey- Max Life India Protection Quotient 3.0 (IPQ 3.0). The survey was conducted in partnership with Kantar.

Health & Fitness in covid period

The real meaning of health & Fitness-

Health is a situation of absolute physical, mental and social well-being. Besides, health is not simply the absence of illness or disability. Most importantly, you cannot be mentally fit if you are not physically fit.

Key points of the survey

  1. According to the report, around 72% of respondents were actively looking for products that improve immunity.
  2. Also, the report says 71% paid attention to health and fitness regimes.
  3. Moreover, 75% consumed healthy, home-cooked food.
  4. Similarly, 54% exercised (walking, gym, yoga) regularly, and 47% went for a regular health check-up.
  5. Since it becomes essential to care for health and fitness in Covid period. 30% adopted the use of fitness bands, health monitoring devices, etc. 
  6. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic created several health challenges. It has led to a raised interest in nurturing a healthy lifestyle. As a result, urban India gets inclined towards health apps for maintaining positive health patterns. About 66% tending towards health apps.

Fitness is like a relationship. You cannot cheat and expect it to work.

Hence, it is time to develop a positive relationship with your workouts and being healthy. By not following the above, you will only hurt yourself. 

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