Healthy Initiative For Rakshabandhan

Love, competition, arguments, and friends forever- the relationship between brothers and sisters is about all this and much more. From childhood fights to being each other’s best friends, it’s wonderful to grow up with siblings. So when it comes to celebrating this auspicious day no one wants to stay back.

But this year due to corona many will not be able to meet their siblings and other family members. Let’s not allow Corona to come between the bond of love. How to celebrate Rakshabandhan in this panic situation??

Let’s Cook

Traditionally Indian sweets are called ‘Mithai’.It is an old tradition of considering sweets to be pure and an offering to the gods. One wouldn’t actually be celebrating Rakshabandhan without having sweet delicacies. But it is not safe for us and our family members to go out and bring sweets. So why not take this as an advantage and come together and make sweets at home.

Let’s make together

Worried about how to buy rakhi during this pandemic???

In this scenario, we must do our best with what we can. For instance, my grandmother suggested me to tie a thread on my father’s arm on my aunt ‘s behalf.

Let’s be inclined towards upcycling things. Let’s make rakhi from discarded items. We can easily do it by watching videos on Youtube.

Lets gift something different-

It is not safe for us and our annoying sweet siblings to step into the crowded market and wander one shop to another for gifts. So, what to do? Rakshabandhan without a gift is a big no.RELAX!!! You can gift go for some digital gifts like e-greeting cards,e-caricatured, personalized video messages, and many more.

Lets do a video call-

What if you are not with your siblings? Don’t worry. Celebrating the festival digitally is a cool idea. For siblings who can’t visit each other, celebrate rakhi from a distance on a video call. Perform all the rakhi rituals over the call and exchange wishes while stuffing your mouth with delicious sweets.

For every sister, her brother is the best brother. Don’t let this pandemic spoil your festival. Brother and sister are as close hands and feet. Mum used to say we were the same soul split in two and walking around on four legs.


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