High court slammed Delhi Government: Know why?

The Delhi High court slammed Delhi Government on Saturday for failing to provide medical oxygen to hospitals. Sachin Dutta (Adv.) and the court itself struck Delhi Government.

High Court chided OSD Health (Ashish Verma) from Delhi Government. Furthermore, the court stated that such procedures should have been followed. The Delhi government, on the other hand, has struggled to do so. Furthermore, the court stated that several other states are taking all appropriate measures to ensure that oxygen is available. Ergo, there is no possible reason why Delhi Government had not taken any steps for the same.

Reasons why high court slammed Delhi Government

High court slammed Delhi Government
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The court told Verma “Every state is organizing its own oxygen tankers; however if you do not have your own tankers, you can arrange for them. You only have to do this thing and get connected with central government officials for the same”.

“If the allocation was done three days ago, why didn’t you exercise your choice to search for tankers?” the court asked Rahul Mehra (adv. Delhi Government). Your political leader has worked as an administrative officer before, so he understands how things work.”

Furthermore, the court added that we are noticing that Verma is not taking things seriously. “If the allocation is done that doesn’t mean that all the things will come knocking on your door. This is not how things work. After allocation have you ever made any kind of efforts for the tanks to provide oxygen to the hospitals”?

Piyush Goyal (Central government officer) said that the supply of oxygen was ready from Rourkela. On the contrary, nobody came to take the supplies. He went on to criticize the Delhi government, saying, “All other states are trying every possible way to get supply, but for Delhi, it’s like it is needed to be served on the platter”.

Apparently, when people in Delhi are dying due to a lack of oxygen, the AAP seems to have spent about Rs. 150 crores on advertisements in the last three months.

All in all, this is a wake-up call for the Delhi government, and they should take action before it is too late.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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