‘Hindu Terror’- The Fabrication of 26/11 Attack

Day- 26 November, Year- 2008

The darkest day in modern Indian History. Even after 12 years, the wounds of this horrific mayhem are still alive. On this day, 10 terrorists headed by Ajmal Amir Kasab infiltrated the bounds of our peaceful nation. Eventually, 166 people died and more than 600 persons were left injured. A relentless battle of four days took place. Numerous police and armed forces personnel were martyred. Finally, they captured Ajmal and killed the other 9 extremists.

26/11 and Hindu Terror

On the top, LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) had the intention to frame it as a “Hindu Terror” attack. Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria affirmed over this. Also, if Kasab would have been killed in the encounter, he would have died by the name of Samir Chaudhari!

Earlier, On 17 Feb 2020, Mr. Rakesh’s memoir Let me Say it Now emerges before the common masses. The book brings up many surprising facts and tells that he headed the attack’s investigation. In this regard, he stated the evil plan of LeT;

If everything went according to plan, Kasab would have died as Chaudhari and the media would have blamed Hindu Terrorists for the attack.

Rakesh Maria- The top cop who revealed the intentions of LeT for Hindu Terror attack.

Certainly, the terrorists were provided with fake IDs with Indian addresses imprinted on them. In this manner, Kasab was a resident of Bengaluru.

On the other hand, a photograph of Kasab was released after the attacks. In this, he seems to be wearing a red thread on his right hand’s wrist. Since the red thread is sacred in Hinduism, speculations rose and lead to the belief of tarnishing Hindu imagery.

The author also cites that Kasab was the ranked member of LeT. The terror group employed him for the purpose of robberies, not for Jihad. They paid him Rs. 1.25 lakh prior to the assignment.

Apart from that, it stunned him to see Muslims offering Namaz in India. Whereas the teachings from terror groups taught him just the opposite.

There would have been screaming headlines in newspapers claiming how Hindu terrorists had attacked Mumbai. Over the top TV journalists would have made a beeline for Bengaluru to interview his family and neighbors. But alas, it had not worked that way.

Rakesh Maria in his book

Later, Rakesh Maria mentions the brave act of martyred police constable Tukaram Omble. His sacrifice played a supreme role in catching Kasab alive.

On November 21 2012, Kasab, the resident of Faridkot, Pakistan was hanged till death.

AuthorAyush Joshi

References-> NDTV , The Hindu

Featured Image credit-> Sunday Guardian

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