Home Science- It’s Not What You Think.

Home Science is made up by combining two words – Home which means a place where we live, feel comfortable. It is not to be confused with ‘house’ as it means only a building/apartment with walls, doors and ceiling. Science is termed as observation, and explanation of natural phenomena.

So, Home Science means when the household chores are managed systematically and with scientific explanations to satisfy the needs of the family.

Home Science is a subject which tells the science behind the work. On the other hand tells the way to do that, without any wastage of time and energy, that’s an art. It tells us about the art of using resources efficiently.

We can also it as Art of Home Making.

It also acts as a bridge between Art and Science stream.

Multidisciplinary Subject
Earlier, females were the only one in the family to receive knowledge about all the household chores be it cooking, stitching, knitting etc. 
However, boys were never asked to do household chores. Because there was a mindset in the society that females are supposed to be at home looking after home and children whereas males are the bread earners of the house. But as the dynamics changed of our society, a subject like Home Science was introduced which initially was also ought to be studied by girls only.

 People were so caught up in the misconceptions related to home science that they thought this subject is all about stitching, needling and cooking, in short, all household chores but little did they know that it is about applied skills and science.

After years, our education system started giving more importance to applied knowledge and skills.

Indeed, Home Science is one such subject which includes more of practical knowledge.

The myths and misconceptions eventually broke. As students started looking at it as a viable career option. For instance, girls who thought they would only know how to cook and how to make round chapattis, they are now becoming dietician, nutritionist, food inspector, etc. So, there are 5 categories in this subject: 

 Food and Nutrition, comprises of making diet charts, planning meals, knowing the nutritional values of the food we consume.

Human Development and Childhood Studies makes us understand how humans behave according to their age, mental, physical, and emotional disabilities

 Fashion and Apparel Science, this category explains how to make garments from fiber, how to inspect the quality of a fabric, fashion designing, fashion management, etc.

We learn how human communicates to himself, to people around him, and the audience by different mediums and methods under the Department of Communication and Extension

In Resource Management and Design Application, you learn interior designing, event management, time management and money management, etc. 

With this, we can see students are getting all kinds of skills and knowledge which they can apply in real life and also they are getting a lucrative career option

Home Science as a subject has come a long way as it hones all our life-living lives. The skills we practice helps us to make our home a better place to live in. Also facilitates the holistic development of the individual. It is more than being a good maker. This is the time when we bust the conventional mindset that prevails around Home Science. There is a huge difference in what people think about it and what it is.

Progressive thinking is one such result of this subject offered in Home Science. 

To sum it all, we can say that Home Science is both ‘Art’ as it gives an artistic skill to make use of resources efficiently and effectively and ‘Science’ as it gives practical knowledge about maintaining and understanding home and family needs.

Home Science- An Art of Homemaking.