How The Voters Will Determine The Fate Of America

‘Winner to the Presidential election in the United States of America’ is a topic that the world is closing monitoring. Millions of voters have voted already. Polls show a favorable win for Mr. Joe Biden (Democrats) this year. Although, when everything seems in favor of Mr. Biden, speculations are of Mr. Donald. J. Trump’s victory. 


 Everyone seems skeptical about the analysis and predictions of the electoral polls. TLDR News (If polls were wrong in 2016, Can We Trust Them in 2020) stated that “State polling tends to be a further off than the National Polls”. Not just the popular votes van be the basis to predict the winner from either of the parties. 


National polls have their own limitations. If considered the case of 2016 the results were against what was predicted.

Pew Research Centre in its article stated that,

Voters who graduated from a four-year college are more likely to answer surveys than other adults and, in recent years, they are also more likely to support a Democrat for president. If a battleground state poll does not adjust for having too many college graduates, it is at risk of overstating support for a Democratic presidential candidate (in this case, Joe Biden).

Not just this there are other demographic divisions and the fact that state electoral votes must be calculated are still left unreckoned. Therefore, leaving the reliability in a questionable state. 

Addressing the limitations, we need to understand the perspective of the voters. Hence, understanding why the voters Choose or Oppose either of the two candidates. 

Mr. Donald J Trump

Why Voters Are Supporting


Promises Fulfilled: Firstly, the work that Donald Trump has done in his First Term.

Tax cuts
Paris Climate Change
Reshaping the Judiciary
Ditching NOTA
Bringing Troops home
Trade Deals
Cuba Thaw no more   
China as currency manipulator   
Ban on Muslims
Repeal and Replace Obamacare
Approve waterboarding(torture works addition)
Moving Israel Embassy
Bombing IS
Military Spending
Cutting Regulations
A border wall paid for Mexico
National Debt
Deporting Illegal Migrants
Rebuilding Infrastructure
prosecuting Hillary Clinton
Analysis of promises fulfiled from BBC news article

The ones with the DELIVERED tag are a reason for supporters to still believe in him and give him more time to fulfill the rest of the promises. Even when this remains as a debate as to who is actually benefited from the same.

REPUBLICANS: Secondly, There is a bunch of voters who have been true supporters of the Republican Party. Hence their support will be seen this year also.

COVID-19, not the right criteria to judge: Thirdly, and importantly supporters think that COVID should not be the only criteria to judge on. The economy has been showing steady growth.

China (attempt to break the supply chain): Fourthly, Increasingly opposing to trade policies and military practices of China. A topic of International importance has received due importance from the Trump government. Furthermore, joint activities with other countries strengthen the votes of people from backgrounds.

Other voters have their own opinions on how Trump is and are deciding to vote for him on that basis.

Also, a few voters join the list of Trump supporters because they don’t find Joe Biden as the right candidate to vote for.

Why Voters Are Opposing

The reasons to oppose could be many. But what disappoints most of the previous supporters of Donald Trump is the failure in performing to the expectations of the 2016 voters.

Unemployment Rate Tripled: The U.S. turned out to be the only developed nations to see a 14.4% unemployment peak. Hence, reaching the triple rate of unemployment. (Even when 11.4 jobs were recovered lately.) (According to NowThis News)

Migrant children separation: Minimum of 2,654 children separated from their parents.

Mishandling and Misleading information of the COVID-19: Ignorance and misleading information regarding COVID-19 worsened the situation for a developed country like America. Ignoring the fact that it wasn’t the best a government could have done deepens the anger of the people.

Woman cases and allegations: Since women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct it seems difficult to regain the trust of the public. Also his few statements, either it is regarding her daughter or in general about women just fuels the fire and worsens the situation.

Sense Of Division: From cases like George Floyd and sudden surge in ill-treatment with blacks or other communities gives a sense of division in America. This leads to a lack of trust of voters especially the youth and educated.

Several other reasons are seen in this Presidential election that reduce the probability of the Trump win.

Therefore, a shift as well as increased potential voters are seen reflecting the victory for Joe Biden. More than change people are anticipating a better scenario with the victory of the Democratic government.

 Mr. Joe Biden

Why Voters Are Supporting

An alternative: Many of the voters are seeing Joe Biden and his government as a better alternative to recover the damage so done and to correct the loopholes in the American Economy.

Manifesto: The manifesto of Biden’s government is driving huge masses of educated, liberals believing the theories of a democratic nation.

Why Voters are Opposing

Not The “Right”: A certain section of the population still believes that if Trump is not the right choice then Joe Biden is surely not the other for sure.

Lack of Trust: A lack of enthusiasm in Biden’s promises makes it uncertain for the voters to turn into potential voters for the same.

Dull and Tired behavior: Also, the public seems to question the energy of Mr. Joe Biden.

How a candidate who seems dull and tired will participate in activities after winning the elections?

With optimistic and pessimistic voters seems the division of voters in segments to support either of the party. Even when polls show a win-win situation. The 2016 elections still give reasons not to completely rely on the predictions and analysis of the pole.

Hence, making it necessary to understand what voters think.

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