How To Look Fashionable — WHILE WEARING A MASK…!

It took really a short time for mask wearing to become a fashion statement.

I probably think that we don’t require a different coloured mask with every OUTFIT we carry!

And surely not a brand named Mask that makes you look rich and exotic.

Aside from getting used to the activity of wearing a mask, there are a few obstacles you might have to go through. Breakouts and irritated skin, a sweatier-than-usual face, and not knowing how to accessorize might be among them.

Though most of your face is covered under the mask, it’s still important to take care of your skin. Masks can trap moisture, which may lead to breakouts – which is never a good look, with or without a mask. The best way is simple: stick to your normal routine! As a minimum, dermatologists recommend a gentle cleanser, regular exfoliation and a good moisturiser. For extra glow, add a vitamin c or retinoid treatment. Consider investing in a moisturising facial spray to keep your delicate skin feeling fresh, especially as the weather gets warmer.

So I am here to share with you some different concepts to look exactly the same as you look on regular days.


Eyebrows frame the face and highlight the eyes, so they’re always worthy of accentuating. That goes double for days when you’re stuck wearing a surgical mask that covers 80 per cent of your face. Whether you’re using an eyebrow pencil or an angled brush and powder, there are a few steps to keep in mind to get your best brows yet. Use short, hair-like strokes to create a natural look and subtly enhance your existing eyebrow shape.

BROWS Enhance your facial features to a different level.


Lashes are another Important yet ignored part of your face.

If you want eyes that look bigger and more awake, you don’t need to learn any complicated contouring techniques or do a bunch of eyeshadow blending. All you need is an eyelash curler and a swipe of mascara.

While wearing your face mask if you do your eyelashes a bit longer and a bit darker they’ll surely brighten your eyes and you will persist a great confidence.

Focus the mascara right in the center of the lashes, making the center the longest point. You can also experiment with putting mascara on your lower lashes or keeping them bare.


Your skin generally looks flat white and dull without a little highlighter, especially in the summer. Although some of your face will be covered, the tops of your cheekbones and browbones are a great place to add a little extra color to your skin.

When I know I’ll be wearing a mask for a long period of time, I’ve been sticking with powder highlighter over cream because it stays for long and has less transfer to the inside of the mask. I also am diligent about keeping the majority of the product on the upper half of my face, avoiding the area that mask covers as much as possible.

For light skin: Look for icy and pearlescent tones. “Shades that are too warm will look fake and stripy on pale skin,” says Colacci.

For olive skin: Choose golden highlighter with peach undertones. The combo is a flattering balance, “giving a sun-kissed glow,” says Colacci.

For dark skin: Rose gold and bronze shades are just right for illuminating deep complexions. “Avoid anything icy or too white—it can look grey and ashy,” says Colacci.


Just because you have a mask on doesn’t mean you can’t wear jewels especially earrings. Adding a pair of hoops or dangling earrings sounds like a lot of extra work, but seeing your earrings peek out from behind your mask shows you put that little bit of effort in. Also, get creative with your necklaces, bracelets, and more. We like to stick with one statement piece of jewelry and then a few dainty pieces to round out the look. 

While some use jewelry to accessorize their outfits, I like to match mine to my makeup—because well, it’s just who I am. Since I can’t go for bold lips anymore, I’m loving adding a bright earring to match whatever my eye makeup is saying, or a simple gold necklace that brings the eye up to the face.


Nothing says “I rolled out of bed late” like a messy bun and a face mask. Show the world that your mask is just another accessory by pairing it with a great hairstyle. Some people like to straighten their hair, others like to curl it or style an updo. Or you keep it simple and enhance their natural textures and patterns. Whichever way you decide to wear your hair, think of it like your crown and make sure it makes you feel like the best version of you. If you’re not sure what works for you, try a bouncy, subtle curl.

From tutorials on how to wear make-up with a face mask, to hats that incorporate a protective plastic face shield, Indians are seeking to make sure the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t damage their reputation for style.

Hope you all will surely try these tips.

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