How will this new year celebration be Different?

New Year
New Year Celebrations

A New year begins with the hope of chances and prosperity in one’s life. Leaving the year behind us, we aspire to achieve more success in the upcoming year. With the Gregorian calendar validity across the globe. Mostly all the countries celebrate it on 1st January every year. Its celebration is a worldwide event. Also, different countries celebrate it in different ways. But it is the biggest event in the world.

People celebrate it by cutting cakes, burning crackers, going to parties, and many more ways. All in all, welcoming the new year and saying bye to the previous years with heavy hearts which contains all the good and bad memories of 2020.

2020 has been a great challenge for all of us. Due to the COVID-19 virus spreading all around us. Different sections of the society have to face a lot of economic as well as financial issues in their personal life.

New year

Moreover, each country’s growth, as well as its citizens, has been hit hard by this pandemic. So, hoping that everything goes right we welcome 2021.

Difference In New Year celebrations

  • This new year celebration will be done keeping the idea of social distancing in mind. So, events and celebrations will take place virtually.
Social Distancing
Social Distancing
  • Less expenditure will be done at the celebrations. As social gathering is not allowed keeping in mind the health of citizens due to the pandemic. Thus, it’ll help us to save money in this pandemic time.
  • In addition , more time spent with the family. As celebrations will mostly done at home.
New Year celebrations at home
  • No need of taking leave from the office for celebrations. As work from home facility is currently provided by mostly all companies to its employee. Due to the current situation of the whole world.

  • Online events and meetings will take place this year. So, no worries to reach the destination on time
Online events and meetings
Online events and meetings
  • The invention of the Vaccine for the coronavirus is like a boon to the whole world. Also, everybody expects that in 2021 almost all people will be coronavirus-free. Nothing could be more precious than our lives. Thus, this vaccine is the best new year gift for us. Also, the biggest reason to celebrate the upcoming year.

Corona Virus Vaccine
invention of the Vaccine
  • With everything shifting towards the online platforms. This has made our lives more convenient as everything is accessible to us at one single click. With a single click, we can transfer money, order food, etc. Thus, this year will bring more happiness to our lives.

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