Hyundai Motors Releases Relief Aid of 20 Crores

    Indian Automobile sector steps out to aid people in the ongoing crisis– Hyundai Motors and Maruti Suzuki setting the example

Hyundai Motors announced a relief fund
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The Rising Covid cases and medical infrastructure breakdown has attracted people across the globe. In light of the current Pandemic Situation in India, many companies have come forward to help people. Now, its time for the Indian Auto industry to hold the baton ! Earlier, Hyundai Motors announced a 20 crore relief fund today.

What issues concern India?

The Indian Population is the second largest in the world. The infectious character of the double mutant virus has increased. However, people did not take it seriously. THe politicians too were busy seeing thier own profit! Now, due to the lack of awareness shown by the masses, India has seen an outburst of Covid-19 cases in last few weeks. At present, India is struggling with shortage of hospital beds. Though, unavailability of Remedesvir Injections, Medicines and even crematorium places are cause of concern! But, the real havoc has been created by the shortage of oxygen cylinders. 

Auto Industry becoming a messiah

 To help this worsening scenario, Hyundai Motors India Foundation (HMIF) has taken up this cause. It has announced its relief fund of Rs. 20 crore. This fund is a part of the company’s initiatives against the third wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic! 

Now, the Company is looking forward to establishing medicare facilities. For this Hyundai Motors will collaborate with the respective state governments. This initiative also includes setting up Oxygen generator plants in or around the hospital premises! The States that HMIF is collaborating with, are the worst affected ones. These states are- Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. 

Also, Hyundai Motors will provide support staff to assist the medical staff. While it will take the expenses of the patients for the next three months! Still it will also build mobile medicare homes and ventilation ambulances to cater the people in rural areas.

Earlier, Maruti Suzuki also closed down its production units in Haryana. This too was done to help in the production of oxygen! It is being considered a great move and is getting praises from all corners of India and the world!

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