Impact of covid-19 vaccine during the second wave

Experts around the world say covid-19 has started its second wave. Let us discuss about the covid-19 vaccine that is available now and started its vaccination process in many parts of the world.

How does the covid-19 vaccine work

To understand covid-19 vaccine functioning let us have a brief understanding of the immune system of our body. Firstly, When any germ or foreign organism enters our body it will invade our body cells and multiply abruptly. However, blood contains white blood cells(WBC) which fight and recover our body from these infections. Moreover, there are different types in WBC such as macrophages, B lymphocytes, and T lymphocytes

Macrophages swallow and digest the germs and dead or dying cells. They leave behind parts of the invading germs called antigens. Despite this, the body identifies antigens as dangerous and stimulates B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes to produce antibodies to attack them.

Types of covid-19 vaccine available

There are 3 types of vaccines currently available or in the 3rd phased of clinical trials for COVID-19.

mRNA vaccine 

This vaccine feeds the memory about the protein structure and functioning of the covid-19 virus to our body cells. Moreover, the vaccine contains covid-19 causing virus and teaches our body cells that the covid-19 virus is harmful. Additionally, it teaches how to fight the virus in case of a future encounter.

Protein subunit vaccine

This vaccine includes only harmless proteins of the covid virus instead of the entire virus. Once vaccinated our body identifies it as a foreign agent and develops immunity against the virus.

Vector vaccine

This vaccine contains a different weak virus that has the genetic material same as that of covid. Once the vaccination is given our body cells copies and memorizes the genetic material and get ready to fight against any germ with the same genetic code.

Top 5 commercially available covid-19 vaccines

s.noVaccine company nameType of vaccineDoses recommendedStorage temperature (in degree Celsius)Success (in percentage)Country of origin
1Pfizer or BioNTechmRNA2Minus 7095America
2ModernamRNA22 to 895America
3GamaleyaVector2Minus 1892Russia
4NovavaxProtein subunit22 to 889America
5sinopharmmRNA22 to 879China

Covid-19 vaccine distribution globally

Around 9.59 billion doses have been ordered to date. This is equal to half of the world population which seems to be an incredibly good note. But the fact is that distribution of vaccines among the global population is uneven.

Rich countries such as UK, Canada, Hungary have ordered 3 times the vaccines required for their population. However, this has made some poor countries have to wait until 2022 for receiving their order.

In recent news, it is said that over 130 agreements have been signed by various countries regarding COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. Perhaps, among which India has a deal to manufacture over 2.2 million doses for global distribution.

Impact of covid-19 vaccines over covid-19 virus second wave

At the beginning of the first wave, there was a slow but gradual increase in corona cases. However, the second wave will not be like the first one. Especially due to the sudden exposure of a mass number of people towards a well-grown or advanced form of the virus after a lockdown in many countries will leave the safety of the public at stake. Thankfully with the administration of vaccine available we hope that vaccination will help us to overcome this virus

The positive effects of vaccination is that there will be enough hospitals for the people to be admitted. Additionally, there will be less risk in work for the front line workers such as doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, and other medical staff.

The negative effect of vaccination is that there are side effects among the people who have already vaccinated. However, the drug used for vaccination may or may not work as far as we know that there are no adequate clinical trials have been done.

What the medical experts have to say about the second wave

Primarily, medical experts insist us to follow the safety guidelines even after vaccination. secondly, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands regularly. Moreover, be in touch with the latest happening around your locality about covid-19. Additionally, Always stock the food for a minimum of two weeks. A periodic check-up with your doctor will help to lessen the covid-19 situation panic. There will be a safety monitoring system personally for each person who is vaccinated.

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