Import-export of COVID-19 Vaccine allowed by the government

CBIC regulates the courier facilities of vaccine at the locations where the Express Cargo clearance system is operational

For ensuring the speedy distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The government allowed the import and export of vaccines without any value limitation.

 COVID-19 vaccines

At the locations where the Express Cargo clearance system is operational Central Board of indirect taxes and customs (CBIC) amended the regulation to facilitate the vaccine through courier service.

The covid-19 has introduced enormous challenges to customs and administration worldwide. So, proper distribution and clearance of vaccines is an essential requirement. Especially in the collective fight against the pandemic said CBIC.

Import and export of vaccine

“Imports of and exports of vaccines in relation to COVID-19 has been allowed without any value limitation,” said the amended Courier Imports and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Amendment Regulations, 2020.

AMRG & Associates Senior Partner Rajat Mohan said global pharmaceutical companies are in advanced stages of bulk deployment of COVID-19 vaccines. He also added that:

“Eyeing global logistics and custom clearance challenges, the government has made some changes in Courier Imports and Exports Regulations, which includes permission to import and export of COVID-19 vaccines without any value limitation”

Rajat Mohan


  • The main challenge in the distribution of the vaccine is its storage. As they need to be stored and transported under control temperature. Moreover, multiple stakeholders involved in this whole process.
Vaccine Storage
  • The vaccine importation will take place in durable containers. Along with the temperature monitoring and tracking devices equipped in it. Thus, the export of these durable containers with these accessories also permitted.
  • In the letter to the field offices, CBIC said that: As multiple stakeholders are present in the whole process of clearance of the vaccines. Thus, effective coordination among the stakeholder is necessary.
  • A task force will be set up so that a coordinated approach is there. As well as efficient clearance of vaccines related to COVID-19. Moreover, headed by a Joint/ Additional Commissioner of Customs rank officer and comprising relevant stakeholders.
  • India approves the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use authorization. Also, the state and union territories start the trial run on January 2. Hence, a trial before the actual vaccination ride begins in the country. 
 Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine
Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine
  • The first try of the vaccine will be given on any day in the next week.Moreover, firstly given to the health workers.
First try of vaccine

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