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India has the world’s second-lowest rates of meat consumption per person

India’s meat consumption is very low as compared to other countries. It is the second-lowest consumer of meat per capita. The approximate value of consumption of meat per capita is 4.4 kg only. However, India is the second-fastest-growing meat production and poultry market in the world.

Consumption of India


India is a Hindu majority country with the second largest population in the world. Here, about 400 million people are vegetarians. Even though two-thirds of the population consume meat, it is still the lowest in the world. With a population of 136.6 Crores, around 91 crores of people consume meat and its products. This value is still more than the population of the highest meat-consuming countries in the world. But in Telangana, 98.8 percent of its people eat meat. This is higher than countries like the United States and Australia. Although, Punjab ranks the lowest in India.

High consumption

The high consumption of meat causes harm to the health. Countries that consume the high amount of meat are the USA (120 kg per capita), Australia (115 kg per capita), and Kuwait (119.2 kg per capita). Such large amounts of meat consumption in these countries promoted high rates of obesity. The USA is the highest meat-consuming country in the world, has a 32.82 Crore population. This figure is less than the no. of consumers of meat in India, which is the lowest meat-consuming country.

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Least consumption

Bangladesh leads India in this race. It is the least meat-consuming country in the world. Here consumption is 4 kg per capita.

Benefits of less consumption

Less consumption of meat reduces heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. This is also observed that a reduction in meat consumption reduces the effects of global warming. In order to reduce it, states such as Denmark increased taxes on red meat.

In the last years, the rate of meat consumption in India has grown by one kg only. People now have become more health-conscious. They are attracted to the health benefits of the vegan diet.

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