Left-handed people! It’s your day- International Left-Handers Day


Dean R. Campbell, the founder of Left-handers International Inc. in 1976 observed “sinistrality”. Since that day on 13th August, every year is been declared as International Left-handers day globally. Indeed every year, right-handers dominate left-handed masses. Therefore, to raise awareness about the issues that lefties face every day. Since then the celebration of this day takes place.

According to some theories, 10% of people in the world are lefties with men more likely to be so. There are bundles of big leaders, cricketers, actors who are lefties. Some of them include – Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Narendra Modi, and many more.

Other famous left-handed people include Sir Issac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, former President of US Barack Obama.


While I tell you that our left-handed friends are normal as right-handed people are, but first let me take you all to the history where history was not kind to our left-handed mates. In the middle ages, if you were left-handed you were summoned as a witch. Contrarily, in the 18thand 19th centuries, left-handed children were forced to use their right hands in schools. Hence, history was not so peaceful for left-handed people.  

Here comes some interesting yet surprising facts about left handed people – 

1) They are highly flexible – Almost every instrument is designed for right-handed people. Therefore, left-handed people have to adapt to those less ideal situations throughout their lives. Hence making them more flexible.

2) They remember events better than facts – This for sure makes their memories special as the way they use their brain to think events.

3) They are better in sports and fighting – Lefties are a game-changer in sports as they can adapt to any situation immediately as well as they can swing left hooks on you anytime.

4) Lefties are more common in twins – According to a theory, 21% twins are lefties.

5) They are often more creative – As the study tells that left-handed people can use both sides of the brain’s hemispheres. Thus giving them an advantage over right-handed people.


Juggling between different labels which our society gave to the disadvantages they felt, left handed people have time and again proved themselves

Whether it’s making quick decisions or traveling between the two extremely opposite spheres of our brain or becoming better in sports or organizing emotions differently. Moreover, to be more and differently creative left-handed people have it all. Thus, they are “normal” or “extraordinary” beings.

Recently University of Toledo psychologist Stephen Christman explained in Scientific American. As per this, there’s almost no evidence to suggest that lefties are at any sort of physical or psychological disadvantage. For one thing, lefties have comprised roughly 10 percent to 15 percent of the total for many thousands of years. The fact that the trait has remained stable over many generations suggests that left-handedness is not an evolutionary weakness. Many past psychologists used to believe this theory.

But left-handedness does come with certain physiological and neurological differences (as I stated above) but these differences make them no different from us or from the mere idea of being “normal“.

why Left-handed comprise only 10% of the population?

Writing with right or left hand makes no difference! 

Are we still living in those stone ages? Are we still living under the cloud of stereotypes? 

why left-handed comprise only 10% of the population? Is a total anathema to the whole human race! 

There have been many arguments (purely conjectural in nature) stating an insoluble answer to these questions. Many people believe that women stressed during their pregnancy, give birth to left-handed children while on the other hand many labeled the left-handed as devil or witches.

But just try to take an ounce of thought and try to assess is that true? 

Every being on this earth is a gift of God, is a blessing to his/her parents. So rather than differentiating people on the basis of – which hand they write with… try to differentiate between the “evil” and “good” that resides inside your body!

Author: Kanupriya Gupta

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