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In a country like India which is known for its democratic rule, Media plays an important role. Freedom of expression and speech are the fundamentals right given to each citizen. This right is an integral part of the constitution.

Media plays a huge role in affecting the mindset of the citizens. Sometimes, the issues which need to be highlighted take a backseat. As a result, the minds of people are made to divert to other issues.

Media being biased not only affects the mindset of people. But it’s a threat to the democratic system of the country. As what we see is mostly what we learn, and what we teach.


Here, when we use the word biased it doesn’t mean favoring only one group or section of society. But sometimes showing irrelevant topics instead of global issues that need to be highlighted.

In India where more than half of the population trusts news given by the media. Such acts of being biased are irrelevant.

Indian media sometimes becomes the cause of clashes between different sections of society. To protect them from being blamed by people they simply put all the blame on the government. As well as start questioning the government over the old issues that had not been resolved.


Is media justified

In India where money and power can buy anything. From the rights of people to the lives of people. Often media is also being included in that list. Corruption is the biggest issue in our country we all know that. Media also highlighted that many times. But when they become part of it, they don’t even realize that.

There are some morals as well as ethics to every profession. Is media following that? Questioning to others is easy but implementing it to ourselves is difficult.

Being sold on some amount and then hiding the information which needs to be spread to every citizen, Is that fair?

The media has been given the right to enquire or to cover any big pandemic or tragedy that happened in the country at the spot. They ask questions as well as enquire about the people around them. But also tend to hurt the emotions and feelings of the victims.

Did they even care about what harm they can do to the mental health of the victims and their families?

Asking about rights is good but justifying them is difficult. The media should first justify that.


  • After two months when Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in this pandemic time. He was being blamed or targeted by many political parties based on rumors only. Especially the media tries to fear the state government and tried to tarnish the ChiefMinister’sr image which has never happened in history.
Example of media being biased

In response to all these rumors, Uddhav Thackeray said: with Unlock 4.0 guidelines, several activities have resumed in the state. Keeping this in mind, he asked people to support the steps taken by the government. Instead of blaming anyone for the rumors.

In the above case where media is the only source to get information about the current situation of the country. Is such an act did by the media right? Moreover where citizens are already panicking due to this lockdown, and health issues.

  • At the time of pre-elections, in an interview with “The Indian Express,” PM Narendra Modi questioned the ‘neutrality’ of the media. He felt unfairly targeted and said that my quarrel is with the different scales of neutrality.
Example of media being biased


In the above case, how can the media directly declared that he did nothing for the benefits of the country? I know some projects, acts which he did might not work out. But how can we ignore the work which benefited crores of people? Is that not being biased?

media being biased

According to my point of view media being biased is one of the biggest issues in a democratic country. I don’t know whether they are being scared by someone. If they’ll expose the news they can cost their life. History has witnessed some news reporter that have lost there lives just because they were with the truth.

They wanted the whole nation to know the truth behind some tragedies which had happened. Such inspiring news reporters should be the idol for everyone.

Moreover, the content shown by Media has a huge impact on the mindset of youngsters. Hence, it also affects the tomorrow of the nation.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses – Malcolm X

Author : Kritika Agarwal


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