IT Security at Home: Stay protected from cyber crimes!

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Nowadays, lockers, offices, and a lot more personal details and security are summed up to a few electronic devices. Surely, IT security at home is a must in this digital world. Earlier the knives were the fear, now the decoding of your one password can lead to major losses.  

The homes are turning digital. So, the threat of theft follows the path of the digital world. 

As the technology grew, a lot of work grew advanced and finished without crossing the doorstep of your house. 

Your privacy can be 24/7,365 days under surveillance. 

Indeed, it is essential to protect your data and your electronic devices. Read measure ensuring IT security at home.

6 simple measures to make your digital life secure and easier (IT Security at Home)


Install antivirus to protect your device from viruses. The external codes enter your devices and harm the working or steal private information. An antivirus is software that scans viruses before they enter the device. Hence, your device remains protected from losing its essential information.

Strong and Unique Password: 

Strong and unique passwords reduce the chances of being cannot be easily decoded.

Moreover, make sure to change the WiFi password provider by the service provider. Always change passwords provided by any services provider. As those can be easily unlocked. 

Updating Operators:

 It is important to update operators. As there are changes that cybercriminals need to detect once again to interpret and steal the data. 

Additionally, you must be kept on updating every software or application on your device for a similar reason. 

Wifi- Security:

 WPA-2 must be chosen by the users to safeguard from external users to use or manipulate your data. If not WPA-2, use WPA as your security under WiFi settings. 

These are the most secure ensuring an extra layer of protection. 

Incognito Version: 

While using banking websites or any other private work use the incognito tab. The Incognito tab doesn’t save your history and it is hard to access your details from the tab. 

Access control: 

Firstly, while using the internet don’t accept any condition without reading, you yourself are permitting the thief to enter your device. Secondly and importantly, limit data permissions to external sources. Do not keep anything public use. Also, you can restrict depending upon the role of the person and assign permission accordingly. 

Lock `electronic devices to ensure protection of data.

So, these were some simple measures you can take for ensuring IT security at home. Now, you know the answer to how I can improve my cybersecurity at home.

As the work from culture escalates. These measures are surely helpful for work from home security. 

Lastly, share these measures as work from home security awareness is a must these days. Otherwise, also, cybercrime is at its peak, make sure to be protected.

Author: Mansi Goel

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