KARMAYOGI SCHEME: Lucknow University new scheme to offer part-time jobs to students

While studying students can also earn money by working part-time in this “Karmayogi Scheme” launched by Lucknow University(LU). Through this scheme, students can earn around Rs 15,000 in a year along with their studies.

Lucknow University
Lucknow University

LU has been strongly working to establish Student-centric structured framework. We have initiated the various student-centric program. Through the ‘Karmayogi Scheme,’ a student would be allowed to work for a maximum of 2 hours a day for a maximum of 50 days in an academic session after his class hour. They will be paid Rs 150 per hour. A student can get a maximum of Rs 15,000 in a year

-Prof Alok Kumar Rai, vice-chancellor of LU

Moreover, Rai also mentioned that this ‘Karmayogi Scheme’ is for Lucknow University students studying on this campus only. Afterward, he ended up saying that he wants other affiliates colleges should start such initiative at their own level.



KarmaYogi scheme

The ‘Karmayogi scheme’ has ‘far-reaching consequences’:

  • From this scheme, Students will learn to respect the work. As in a college different types of students are present. So, if they’ll work together under the same rule, the same level. They’ll learn how to treat and respect each and every work.
  • Students will uncover their hidden talent. Moreover, great utilization of student’s talent.
  • Make a student financially dependent. As this will help the student to earn the money for their study and extra expenditure. Moreover, students whose families are financially weak will be benefitted.
  • More attachment and respect will also indulge in the heart of students for their university.
  •   Students will also build a habit of taking responsibility and working. Especially, that will help them in the future when placed.

This scheme is a great example of making the youth generation self – dependent. According to me other universities in India should also try this initiative. As of now in foreign countries mostly all the students work part-time to earn for there studies and all expenditure.

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