Kumbhalgarh Fort- The Second Largest Wall in the World

Camouflaged in the Aravalli Ranges of Southern Rajasthan, a 36 km long wall safeguards the Kumbhalgarh fort for ages. Indeed, it is the second-largest wall in the world.

About The Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort is on the westerly range of Aravalli Hills, Rajasthan. Built-in the mid of 15 century echoes the tales of history.

Above all, Raja Rana Kumbha was the one who built this fort.

The fort was strategically planned and built within 15 years of course. Along with this, the wall of the fort extended 32 km through the dense forest and hills. Thus, making it impossible for invaders to reach the fort.

The Kings of Mewar region took shelter in the fort during the times of battles.

Also, the fort is a birthplace of great Maharana Pratap Singh.

Sites of Attraction

Temples-There are 360 temples inside the Fort, 300 of which are Jain temples and the rest are Hindu temples.

Badal MahalOn the top of the fort is a Badal Mahal. This Mahal was built by Rana Fateh Singh. The Mahal is on the peak of the Kumbhalgarh fort. Hence, touching the clouds.

Wildlife Sanctuary The fort is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary. Of course, it is a sight attraction for the tourists visiting the fort.


Undoubtedly, with its historic value and spectacular architect, the fort is a sight attraction for many tourists. The ones are inquisitive about the historical days of India must-visit ones.

The locals have stories to narrate on and are always welcoming.

The best time to visit is during;

Monsoon season

The rain showers and greenery around the Fort is best during this season.

Evening time

Daily at 6:45 pm, a light and sound show enhances the beauty of the Fort.

Furthermore, every year in December there is an arrangement for an annual festival. Department of Tourism organizes to memorialize the great art and architectural contribution of Raja Rana Kumbha.

In the Latter Part…

On top, the fondness of Rana Kumbha in art and poetry still prevails in every corner of the fort.

Lastly, the worst day was the home-coming of undefeated Raja Rana Kumbha. Sadly, his own son beheaded him.

Original Author– Mansi Goel

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