LGBT- Our Choice and Our Pride

LGBT stands for the community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender.

LGBT community has always had a hard time to survive in a judgmental society. Due to their different sexual orientation than the traditional one, they have been looked down upon. This community has struggled to even have some basic ‘Human Rights’.

We might think that people are over this topic but they aren’t. Moreover, people always try to bring their confidence and personality down and demean their place in society. They suffer from social disadvantages. They have been treated in a way that they are some different creature rather than a normal human being. We still cannot say that majority of our society accepts them as a ‘part of them’. To some population, they might be tolerable while another part of the population might ‘Hate’ them. Yes! Hate them. They feel so because either they don’t understand them at all or they are just not acceptable to their culture and religion.

Accepting themselves:

We don’t even realize that someone in our close circle or maybe in the next neighborhood might be a homosexual. But they don’t ‘come out’ just because they feel that they will be judged by their parents and Of course! ‘Society’. The funniest and equally disappointing fact is that some people think that being homosexual is a disease or a psychological problem. But no! It’s not. This is NOT a disease or a psychological problem which might get cured by some medication or therapy. The society feels that they are a threat and unhealthy for society. They are bullied and discriminated. They experience such a harsh time in the society that they tend to deny the facts about themselves being homosexual.


When LGBT representatives come out to society about their preferences and choices, they face a lot of discrimination. Although our human rights states- ‘All humans are equal irrespective of caste, color, sex, nationality etc.’ still they struggle hard for their equality in the society. They are being discriminated on almost every ground- personally and socially. Their family reject them as a family feels that they are an embarrassment to them and even in the worst case they have to leave their homes and families just so their parents can live without embarrassment.

But as they step in the outer world, it’s another story altogether. They are discriminated at workplaces. Companies don’t provide them with employment even if they are well qualified. If they start a business of their own or sell something, no one wants to buy stuff from them. They spend their entire life fighting– first fighting with their self to accept that being different is their own choice. Then fighting with parents to accept them just as how they are. And eventually fighting with society- their beliefs, their traditions, their norms and principles.

LGBT- Taking Pride in their choice .                                                               

Earlier, falling in love and marrying the same sex was not acceptable by the government too. But as the generation changed and they started raising voices for protecting and fighting for their rights. Eventually, the government had to hear them out. For them laws and orders were amended. Therefore, after the long fights and many lives sacrificed in the name of honor they finally got justice.

‘Homosexuality is legal, normal and a choice’

Even after the government passed the order of homosexuality being legal, normal and a choice. Society still sees them as inferior or some other creature but not humans. Well, we all need to understand that it’s a choice to be straight, a choice to be lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual. Every human being has the right to express themselves any way they want to and in any language. Nowadays, the young generation is very much supportive to them and are making a better place for them to live in. Society needs to understand that there’s happiness in accepting, not in rejecting. Their dignities and their rights need to be protected.

We need to normalize ‘Homosexuality’  

Author: Varnika Narota

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