Logic Takes Retirement After Releasing “The Last” Album:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

23rd July 2020;

By: Shataksh Bhardwaj

No Pressure:

No Pressure is the last album from the 30 year old multiple award winning rapper from humble beginnings in Maryland. The 30 year old rapper announced on his social media accounts that this would be his last album. Currently one of the hottest music to come out during this time of the pandemic.

More On Logic:

Surprising fans by announcing his retirement at just 30 years old, Logic says he’s bidding farewell to the rap game in order to focus on being a great father to his newborn son. But instead of just walking off into the sunset that lights his path to parenthood, the self-proclaimed Frank Sinatra of rap has gifted fans with one final album.

Offering a retrospective look back at his life and decade-long career, which started with the release of his 2010 mixtape ‘Young, Broke & Infamous’, ‘No Pressure’ represents a more laid-back and reinvigorated Logic – aka Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – unafraid to question societal norms as well as his own self-worth. From addressing his critics (‘Dark Place’) to deliberating over the important things in life (‘Open Mic – Aquarius III’), the Maryland rapper bows out with an emphatic thank you note beautifully scored with the help of acclaimed producer No I.D.

More than just a platform for him to offload the weight that has been bearing down on his shoulders for so long, his sixth studio album is also a full-circle moment that ties up a few loose ends. Acting as a sequel to his 2014 debut album ‘Under Pressure’, Logic, accompanied by his android narrator Thalia – who was inspired by A Tribe called Quest’s ‘Midnight Marauders’ – revisits the boom-bap sound fans fell in love with early on in his career.

All too often Logic is unfairly criticised for paying homage to the artists whose music has influenced his own. His tendency to borrow melodies, repurpose lyrics and chop up samples – something he alludes to at the end of ‘DadBod’ – has been known to rub a few people up the wrong way.

Fans are still asking questions about ‘Ultra 85’, the album Logic teased in the linear notes of 2017’s ‘Everybody’ (“My next album will be called Ultra 85,” he wrote, “and it will be the conclusion to this saga”). It seems they’ve finally got an answer – sort of. As the piano on the Kanye-inspired ‘Heard Em Say’ fades out, Thalia announces the end of ‘No Pressure’. “Welcome to the Ultra 85 program,” she says, before Logic launches into a hearty sermon, thanking his friends, fans and supporters on the triumphant ‘Amen’.

Is It The End Of The Line?

According to logic, he has decided to just retire as a rapper just to have the time of his life with his family. All the fans of the rapper respect his decision and all of us will have to see what the future holds for logic.

You can listen to the album on the spotify link below, with amazing tracks like “Hit My Lane”, “DadBod”, It’s a recommendation for any rap fan out there.

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