Long working hours can kill: Here are the reasons why

According to WHO, thousands of people are killed by long working hours. Apparently, a study is conducted for the same. As a result, they found that around 745,000 people died from heart attacks due to long hours in 2016.

WHO further stated that perhaps it is getting even worse in this current pandemic i.e because of Covid-19. Another study conducted by International Labor Organization (ILO) claimed that almost 3/4th have died due to long work hours. Moreover, the list includes middle-aged or older men.

Long working hours side-effects

Long working hours can kill you?
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Jonathan Frostick, a 45-year-old man, shared a story on LinkedIn about how he had a wake-up call about working long hours. Mr. Frostick works at HSBC as a regulatory program manager. He sat down on Sunday to make a to-do list for the upcoming week, according to reports. He developed a pounding throat and difficulties breathing all of a sudden.

While recovering for a few days, Mr. Frostick considered all of the hours he has put in for the company. “I will not be spending my entire day on Zoom calls anymore,” he said afterward.

On the other hand, the WHO report did not specify the duration of the pandemic. The rise of remote working and the slowing economy, on the other hand, may have raised the likelihood of long working hours.

According to Frank Pega (WHO technical officer), there are a few pieces of data that demonstrate the number of working hours has grown by 10%. The countries that are on national lockdown, on the other hand, have seen an increase.

Another study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that companies are not paying their employees even after they spend an average of 6 hours overtime.


Long working hours can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and heart attacks, among other things. Nonetheless, WHO advised that all businesses should now take all of these factors into account. Furthermore, increasing working hours is not a wise idea in these difficult circumstances.

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