Mask, a Problem? Is Metro a Solution: Unlock 4.0

We live in such a democratic and republic country where rules & regulations are made to be broken. We are part of such a hypocrite society where people are willingly ready to break the rules made by society or government. As we all are going through such a pandemic, the reopening of metro services is being a bad choice currently.

Extreme Growth Rate of Corona Virus:

Day by day as the year 2020 is passing the Covid-19 is giving the proof of being worse to worst. Since this virus knocked in India and unfortunately or unexpectedly India has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia. The first known case traced back to November in china. Till December 2019, more other cases were noted by doctors in Wuhan, China. With time it started taking place in other countries too.

Not only it affected the people also many people lost their lives due to Covid 19.

Metro and Response of People towards locking and unlocking

Slowly and gradually government is taking major steps and opening the majorities. From being a complete lockdown to unlock 4.0 we have come a long way. The reopening of the metro was one of the big things in unlock4.0 as the metro is among one of the crowdest places. On one side we are raising our voice talking about social distancing.

No meets, go outside when it is mandatory, and in this case opening of metros can be a bad decision.

How effective the reopening of metro services can be?

Metro services are one of the public services provided in big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, etc. On one side where the corona cases not only rising over the big cities or towns but also in the rural areas, the COVID-19 has made its place including the death rates. Hence, the opening of metro services is spontaneously giving an invitation to the virus.

Metro is a place where all kinds of people gather to travel, meet up, and other certain things. Around 1.5 million passengers travel in a metro in one day! In such a situation one infected person can be harmful to thousands of million people.


Every day around thousands of new active cases take place in India and death rates too. It is really necessary to understand that things are still not as normal as we are thinking. Still, people are suffering, dying, and to avoid it we have to be aware. This time fight against covid-19 will be the first-ever fight where individually we have to face it, fight against it, and win over it.



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