Medical Aid to India from different countries amidst Covid-19

Medical aid to India is coming from different countries as a result of the unexpected increase in Covid-19. India is experiencing problems as a result of the greatest number of instances reported in the country, i.e. 4 lakhs cases in a single day. There is a lack of beds in both private and public hospitals. Aside from that, all of India’s states are running out of oxygen.

Far more people are dying as a result of a lack of oxygen than Covid-19. As a result, numerous countries around the world have stepped forward to assist India in overcoming the Covid-19 dilemma. Several countries have pledged to supply Covid-19 cargo to India. Despite the fact that cargo has begun to arrive, several countries are yet to send it.

List of countries helping India

Medical Aid to India from US
Credits: India Times
  1. United States – The US has contributed three shipments of relief material (emergency) thus far, with two more shipments scheduled in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the United States agreed to send supplies worth more than $100 million to India to aid in the war against Covid-19.
  2. UK – So far, the United Kingdom has sent three shipments to India, each comprising 400 oxygen concentrators. In addition, Arindam Bagchi (Ministry of External Affairs) posted photographs of the container being unloaded in Delhi.
  3. United Arab Emirates – UAE sent the shipment that contains 157 ventilators, 480 BiPAPs to India. Furthermore, it also sent bundles of other medical supplies as well. In addition to this, C-17 (Indian Air Force) brought 6 cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai and it landed in west Bengal.

Medical Aid to India from other countries

  1. Russia – Two Russian planes arrived in India last week with oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and a few pharmaceuticals. “The Russian Federation decided to provide humanitarian assistance to India in the spirit of our special and privileged strategic partnership as well as in the context of our anti #COVID19 campaign,” said Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev.
  2. Taiwan – Its first shipment to India arrived in New Delhi, comprising 150 oxygen concentrators and 500 oxygen cylinders.
  3. France – India received multiple medical supplies as well as various medical equipment from France to combat Covid-19.
  4. Thailand – 15 oxygen concentrators were sent by the Thais. Despite the fact that this is Thai’s third shipment so far. In the coming week, Thailand has also pledged to furnish India with 100 oxygen cylinders.
  5. Romania – Romania sent 75 oxygen cylinders as well as 80 oxygen concentrators to India.
  6. Ireland – Ireland sent 365 ventilators and 700 units of oxygen.
  7. Bahrain – Bahrain sent 40 MT of liquid oxygen.

Hoping India may recover soon!

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

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