Medical Negligence in UP: Three elderly women vaccinated for COVID were instead given a rabies vaccination

A shocking case of gross negligence arises in UP’s Shamli district related to covid-19 vaccination. Three senior Women named Saroj, 70, Anarkali, 72, and Satyavati, 60 went for getting the vaccine against Corona instead were given a vaccine against rabies.

Three elderly women vaccinated for COVID were instead given a rabies vaccination

What was the whole incident?

The whole incident took place at the Kandla Community Health Centre in Shamli on April 8th. The three women on Thursday went to get their first covid jab. Firstly, when they reach the centre, the health workers ask them to get a syringe of rupees 10 each from outside themselves. Afterwards, the staff administered the wrong entities injected into them. The three women were illiterate and simply returns to their homes after receiving the shot. The reports also said that the health workers were unable to distinguish the difference between rabies and covid vaccine.

Earlier also staff’s case of negligence in terms of delivery and other health services was heard in the community health centre. But the health department didn’t pay attention to these problems or their improvements. The health department seems to brush it under the carpet and downplay the incident. Especially at this crucial time when all the states across the countries are trying to ensure the vaccination is given to the people. The Kandhla community centre fails to do so. As well as shows the falling state of the help centre as they ignore the vaccination.


How did the women come to know about the wrong vaccination given to her?

The medical negligence encountered when the condition of one of the women vaccinated got deteriorated. As she started panicking and feeling dizzy. Thus, the woman was taken to a private hospital for treatment by the family. The doctor got shocked after seeing the prescription of the health center where she got vaccinated.

The private doctor revealed that the woman vaccinated against rabies instead of Covid in the health center. Later on, the relatives of the vaccinated women’s filed a complaint to CMO and demand action against the health workers at the center.

Author : Kritika Agarwal

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