Mizoram forest fires

Mizoram forest fires turn massive; Assam Rifles, IAF, and volunteers come to rescue

  • 24 April, Mizoram witnessed a forest fire. Later, Mizoram forest fires turned massive and extended to further towns and forests.

●    The fires started in the Lunglei district and extended to almost 10 other regions in the surroundings. 

●    The fire prolonged for two days. However, the situation was under control by Monday evening.

●    Assam Rifles, locals, volunteers, and the Indian Air Force brought the situation under control. While the operation continues in certain regions. 

Mizoram Forest fires: A tragic incident

In Mizoram, various areas witnessed the fire. Unfortunately, the fire even extended to the residential areas.

Mizoram forest fires turn massive. IAF, Assam Rifles come to rescue
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According to The Hindu, Initially, the Veng College in Lunglei witnessed the fire. Consequently, the locals were sent assistance.

The incident occurred on 24 April. Further, the fire started spreading in the main residential areas of Lunglei by 25 April.

Assam Rifles along with the help of locals were able to bring the situation under control to an extent.

While a team of Assam Rifle calmed the situation in Lunglei, the fire extended in the Chanmari area and nearby forests.

While the Assam Rifle fought the fire, the Indian Air Force deployed helicopters with Bambi baskets to calm the forest fires.

Although the fire was massive in Mizoram, no casualties were reported.

However, a few areas were greatly affected.

Bungtlang village of Lawngtlai district faced the loss of 14 burnt houses.

Clearly, the fire was massive as the operation reporting continued till Monday evening. Still, the operation might go on further.

 As the news reached the honorable Prime Minister of India, he assured his support.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi gathered about the situation from Mr. Zoramthanga.

Zoramthanga is the Chief Minister of Mizoram.

Surely, the aid reached the state as IAF reached with helicopters.

Mr. Zoramthanga thanked the Prime Minister. He tweeted-

Thank you so much Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi ji. I thank the Central Government for its prompt assurance and swift action. The people of #Mizoram says ‘Kan lawm e’ Inset: IAF Helicopter with Bambi Buckets on their way to douse the fire.

Although the situation is under control, the operation might continue in certain regions.

The cause of the fire is unclear. Yet, speculations are it is because of the increasing heat and the lack of rain in the region. Surely, this is a huge matter of concern. Though there were zero causalities, there must be a strict action plan to curtail such scenarios in the future. 


○  Author: Mansi Goel

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