Mr. Owaisi attacks BJP; says-“Only Trump left to Campaign”

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BJP is all set to secure their win in Hyderabad’s municipal elections. Accordingly, they are unleashing their top-notch leaders for the purpose. Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM makes his criticism in the context.

The only person left to campaign in the city is Donald Trump, Owaisi said.

AIMIM stands for All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen. At the same time, Mr. Owaisi is unhappy because of the leaders that are campaigning for BJP. In like fashion, it seems to him that the Hyderabad elections are not like elections anymore.

Stills from Hyderabad city where Mr. Owaisi claims his everlasting throne.
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Major Focus

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Election is scheduled for December 1. On the top, the notable campaigners from BJP’s side include Yogi Aditynath and JP Nadda. Also, they have not left Mr. Amit Shah far behind. Today, Poll related programmes will witness Mr. Shah’s presence.

Earlier, Mr. Owaisi countered against PM Modi. In fact, he calls out Mr. Modi to come up for election campaigns and see how many seats BJP is able to capture.

Apart from that, both sides are attacking each other with their intense speeches. For instance, Yogi Ji declares that ‘No big deal is in changing the name of Hyderabad to Bhagynagar’. In another event, Bandi Sanjay declares to kick out the Pakistanis and Rohingyas. Eventually, Bengaluru South MP, Tejasvi Surya took it too far by calling Owaisi modern-day Md. Ali Jinnah. In the same way, the Congress, AIMIM, and the TRS strike back with rage and hatred filled comments.

It is as if we are electing a Prime Minister in place of Narendra Modi. I was at a rally in Karwan and said that everyone has been called here. A child said they should have called Trump too. He was right, only Trump is left.

Mr. Owaisi ‘s statement

Furthermore, the police authority has warned the opposite parties’ politicians. In truth, their orations might lead to religious clashes.

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References-> ANI, Hindustan Times

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