Mutual funds- Are long-run Investments Safe for You?

A long-run investment plan makes a lot of productivity in your life. Long run Mutual funds are those funds that have greater potential as compare to that of short terms. The time period for the long run is of five or more than five years. As the market demand in the last few years has increased, mutual funds for the long run gained their popularity and are widely preferred.


Someone willing to take high risk, get the best returns can choose this investment. Even when you prefer to take such long-run mutual funds, you will be required to examine its performance from time to time. To get aware of the current role of your funds in the market, you need to review it actively.

There are lots of objectives behind the investment that investors take up in mind. The aim could be to feel secure in the future.

Moreover, it could be to double the invested money for some purpose use.


It will provide greater dividends to the investors. Even they provide higher returns to the ones who have invested. Mutual funds scheme helps you to achieve your higher and long-term goals in life. That can include marriage, world tour or retirement peace. It also allows investors to take advantage of gaining knowledge as fund manager as they are actively managed. Rather, it provides unique schemes for every financial goal.

Mutual funds can redeem the units at any point in time, providing higher liquidity. These funds are easily accessible (universally available) and easy to buy.


It will give time to your holdings to perform and grow, that is why these investments work quite best in long run. The process begins with buying the shares of different companies.

 Thereafter, it will start investing the investor’s money on those shares. So, they invest money on certain criteria.

There are six categories of Mutual fund investments, in the long run. These are the mid-cap funds, small-cap funds, equity funds, large-cap funds, multi-cap funds, and sector funds. But, the mid-cap funds and small-cap funds perform best over the long run. This is because such companies have larger growth potential than large-cap companies. Since the most preferred plan for the long run is the equity Mutual Fund.

Equity means Ownership.

Although, it is more like owning a business before actually starting a business. Some of the benefits that equities funds hold are as follows: Low-cost requirement, higher Flexibility, Diversification, Convenience, and Expert money management system.

The top long run mutual funds as of 19th May 2020 are;

1. L&T Midcap Fund

2. HDFC Small Cap Fund

3. Tata Retirement Savings Fund

4. Franklin India Smaller Companies

5. DSP Small Cap Fund

Therefore, I would recommend that anyone who wishes to complete their long term goals, should definitely go for mutual funds investment.

AUTHOR: Aashi Bansal

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