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Naxalites’ Attack: Martyrs, Injuries, and Counter- Injuries

  • 22 soldiers lost lives after an encounter with the Naxalites in Chattisgarh. 31 more soldiers, injured during the face-off.
  • One soldier is still missing.
  • The operation was set up for the wanted Maoist, Madvi Hidma.
  • Approximately, 15 Naxals faced injuries or even death.
22 soldiers lost lives after an encounter with the Naxalites in Chhattisgarh. 31 more soldiers, injured during the face-off.
One soldier is still missing.

Anti-Naxal operation and Naxalites’ Attack

3 April, Saturday witnessed a major face-off battle between the Maoists and the Indian security forces.
The forest on the Sukma- Bijapur border became the battlefront.
Madvi Hidma is a Maoist and ranks high in the wanted list of the officials.
He was suspected to be in the forest. Importantly, the information was derived and assured through intelligence.
Subsequently, the operation aimed to bar him behind the prison.
Altogether 2000 army personnel went for the operation.
However, the Naxals appeared highly prepared. As soon as the soldiers entered the targeted spot, firings and counter-attacks took place. Moreover, the firings and attacks extended for almost 3 hours.
Certainly, the situation shall have lost control. Yet, the forces battled fearlessly.
Unfortunately, 22 soldiers lost their lives while fighting for the nation. Though 15 people suffered injuries or death during the battle, the bodies couldn’t be found.
Naxalites don’t leave the evidence.

Undoubtedly, the Naxalites’ attack was unprecedented. Since it was a secret mission to capture Hidma. Additionally, it was a major Anti-Naxalite operation.
Apparently, the preparation was massive counter-attacks by the Naxalites that caused fatalities.

According to India Today, the sources informed that the information could be false. Hidma’s presence could be a planned bait.

Leaders and Nations’ condolence

The leaders and the nation have shown their condolences to the martyrs and their family members.
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi
expressed his sorrow for the demise of the soldiers. His empathy with the martyrs’ family members reflected in the message.

Amit Shah even tweeted and expressed grief on the demise of the soldiers.
Further, he assured that the sacrifice of the martyrs and the soldiers will not remain in vain.

Surely, the investigation will go further. As the actual reason behind the entire battle-like situation is yet unclear.

The unfortunate demise of the martyrs has left the nation in sorrow. The nation stands for the martyrs and their family members.

Author: Mansi Goel

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Featured Image Reference: Naidunia

Reference: India Today

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