Nokia To Launch First Communication Network on the Moon

Following the declaration of partnership with Nokia worth $14.1 million for developing an LTE-4G communication network on the lunar surface. Nokia, Florida has declared that it’s all set to deploy the first-ever cellular network on the Moon.

The collaboration is under NASA’s Artemis Program.

In order to fulfill its mission to send first woman and next man, NASA has collaborated with Nokia and other companies.


NASA’s mission is to send the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024. As well, NASA seeks to create a sustainable mission by 2028. In order to fulfill this NASA has collaborated with Nokia and other companies.

Subsequently, providing advanced technology to ensure detailed exploration on the Moon.


Nokia won a $14.1 million contract to develop LTE-4G communication system on the surface of Moon.
Nokia to deploy first 4G-LTE network on the Moon.
  • Firstly, Nokia Bell Labs’ will collaborate with Intuitive Machines to incorporate the network into their lunar lander and deploy it to the lunar surface.
  • Secondly, Nokia commits to sending the lander by the end of 2022.
  • Thirdly, The lander will self configure after deployment on the surface. Later, will establish the communication system on the Moon.
  • Fourthly, The system will enable wireless connectivity, real-time navigation. Added to this, data transmission, communication facilities, and various other critical features. Moreover, assisting astronauts to carry a detailed expedition.
  • Lastly, The same LTE cellular network will be efficient enough to provide accessibility and connectivity. Hence, ensuring a critical role of the Artemis Program success.


Through its fifth competitive Tipping Point solicitation NASA has declared a sum value of $370 million. Also, NASA has selected industries to develop advanced technologies. Further, these will be needed for- Cryogenic Fluid Management, lunar surface network, etc.

In its fifth competitive Tipping Point solicitation, 14 companies are selected by NASA. Advanced technology will pace up the Artemis Program. Furthermore, the learnings from exploring the Moon will enable the agency to take its next big giant leap. On top, this will involve the sending of astronauts to Mars.

Above all, NASA has awarded Nokia $14.1 million to develop cellular network system .

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