No online classes in private schools in Delhi

Online classes in private schools suspended by Delhi Government

Yesterday, the Delhi Government ordered to all private schools to suspend all online classes and learning activities during the summer vacation. The Directorate of Education had rescheduled the summer vacations of schools. This was in view of the worsening of COVID-19 situation again in the country. Earlier, Government scheduled summer vacations for all classes from May 11 to June 3. It has now rescheduled from 20th April to 9th June.

Manish Sisodia, Ministry of Education , Government of Delhi
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What lead to this decision?

Government closed schools in Delhi in March last year due to nationwide lockdown. The government then ordered reopening of schools for classes 9 to 12. This was to hold doubt sessions and examination with consent of parents. However, with the arrival of second wave COVID-19 cases this year, the schools have been closed again. Delhi Government ordered one week mini-lockdown from 19th April to 25th April. According to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the decision is in view of their safety and health. Since then, regular classes and activities were running in the online mode.

What else other than regular online classes


However, the schools may conduct vacation related specific activities like online summer camps. They can also hold remedial classes for specific set of students who needs special attention. Schools can organise other activities for creativity, recreation and overall mental and emotional wellbeing to promote the overall growth of the students in online mode. But the classes for regular courses of the classes will not take place during the phase of summer vacations.

Benefits of this decision

Excessive use of mobile phones, laptops, headphones etc. could cause harm to school-going children mentally. But they have to use the gadgets for their online studies and assignments. However, this step will surely reduce the stress and burden that students were facing during online classes while sitting in front of gadgets for hours.

The main aim for suspension of online classes is to promote students to spend time with their family. In this hard time, they also have to boost up their immunity. That’s why Government also extended the duration of summer vacations. During this time of second wave of Covid-19, they have to work on challenges in studies due to online mode.

Author : Aashi Bansal

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