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Oxygen shortage in India and the need of the hour solution

There is massive oxygen cylinder shortage prevailing across India and here is the need of the hour solution presented

India is facing a terrible second wave of the pandemic covid-19. This time there is a huge number of cases. Even though only 1percent of death is recorded, the number is leaving us speechless. And also which means 99% are cured out of corona.

Oxygen shortage in India

There are various reasons for the death of patients one of which is due to oxygen shortage.In certain set of patients there arising short of breathe hence oxygen supply is needed. If not given oxygen at the right time death may occur.

Also there are other issues with covid, for instance shortage or no beds and medicines are not available. The drastic increase in number of new cases daily is the reason for shortage.

Sudden drift in the number of patients and no proper communication between the oxygen suppliers medicine suppliers with the hospitals, covid patients suffer terrible loss. Many patients are losing their life due to this process mismanagement.

Solution according to CSIR-IIP for Oxygen shortage in India

credits times of India

To tackle the increasing demand of oxygen and medicine supply CSIR(council of scientific and industrial research) with Indian Institute of Petroleum, has came forward with an idea that may solve the upcoming crisis.

IIP suggests to quickly create oxygen enrichment units in hospitals itself. This process seams to be most suitable and practically possible by the experts. By this process we can generate 500 litres per minute of oxygen. Another advantage is that we can generate oxygen at half the price payed to general oxygen suppliers.

This process needs 50 to 100 sq feet area and it may cast upto 41lakhs for set up one oxygen generating plant.

Solution by CMERI for Oxygen shortage in India

Oxygen shortage solution in India
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CMERI(Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute) has come up with another idea  to take the amenities upto 14000 ft upwards which will definitely help north-eastern states and Himalayan regions. This process can generate upto 30 litres per minute oxygen. It is very much suitable for homes, hospitals and defence areas.

This oxygen enrichment unit works on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA). It removes nitrogen from the air and thereby increases the oxygen concentration. For installation of one unit it costs upto 35000 rupees.


In corona hotspot states such as Maharashtra and Delhi, the new cases are slowly coming under control . But inspire of this India has reached the highest number of corona cases in a day.

India need to perform better in cases regarding lessening the number of corona cases and vaccinating against corona must be increased to control the spread of pandemic

Authored by Indhirani K

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