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Post-election violence and Mamata new government in West Bengal

Amid the post-election violence , Mamata Banerjee is taking the oath to set a new government today in the West Bengal state of India.

Credits: NDTV

Mamata Banerjee’s strong victory in the West Bengal election

Previously, in March 2021, Mamata Banerjee was injured during an accident in Nandigram, West Bengal. The accident was due to that Mamata was sitting in a normal car refusing the bulletproof VVIP car. Before this accident issue got cleared there were emotional waves for Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal during elections. Experts say this incident might also be a major reason for the huge victory of 213 out of 292 total seats by TMC in West Bengal.

How violence ignited in West Bengal

On the 2nd of May 2021, Mamata had a historic victory in the election due to empathy because of the accident. There were continuous reports from various opposition parties allegedly complaining that the party workers of the ruling party attacked them. The complaints continue to come till today while Mamata Banerjee is on the verge of taking the oath.

Series of events after violence broke down in West Bengal

The series of events became very worse when it turns into a riot killing many innocent lives. Both the ruling and opposition party workers suffer a loss of lives. There are many Party people possession. They are broken, burnt, and destroyed. More than 14 people are dead and several injured.

“Bengal is burning”

Credits : zeenews
  • BJP leader Mithum Chakraborthy says that Bengal is Burning and he wants to stop violence
  • On the 5th of May 2021, BJP has announced a nationwide bandh against post-election violence in West Bengal.
  • They want the Supreme court to have CBI Enquiry on this issue
  • PM Modi asked Bengal governor over the phone regarding post-poll violence in West Bengal

Pressure on the new Mamata government

With such a ruckus situation Mamatha Banerjee’s government is taking the oath to set a new government under her leadership. In addition to that, there is a covid-19 crisis prevailing in West Bengal which must be controlled and she must ensure that lockdown is imposed strictly to manage the crisis.

In addition, there fear among the people due to recent riots that happened due to post-election violence. She must ensure that peace and calmness prevail in the state as well as in the minds of people.

Authored By Indhirani K

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