People often misunderstood procrastination habit with laziness. But they both are totally different. Procrastination usually means delaying some work or task , and in place giving priority to something that we find more pleasurable.

Whereas laziness is unwillingness to do the work we are assigned and not completing our tasks. You became a ‘couch potato’ and a ‘sloth’ which does no work.

What is the basic cause of procrastination?

Cause of procrastination

 Generally speaking , if we are not having self-confidence and believes that we are incapable of doing anything in our lives .Then that’s what give rise to a procrastination habit. If we’re having negative beliefs about ourselves then the result of tasks we have done often fears us.

We usually think that what if we fail in our tasks? What if we haven’t done my task correctly?

After all , the questions which arises in our mind due to low self-esteem often gives rise to anxiety in us. To avoid all this we procrastinate , as a result we believe that it helps to relief our tensions. All our worries seems to be disappearing by this so that’s give birth to this habit inside us.

Some Common Examples Of Procrastination Habits

  • If you’re a student completing the homework assigned to us on the last date . Then panicking about the work not completed till now. After all this we start cursing ourselves for not completing the work on time.
Example of procrastination
  • Similarly, if you’re a employee and you’re assigned some work and at the last moment you did mistakes in a hurry. That could result in losing of great opportunities from you’re hands and sometimes could cost you yours job .

How can we get rid of procrastination ?

  • Firstly , believing in ourselves is the most important factor in getting rid of procrastination habit . As a result of this we’ll start enjoying the task we’re given instead of being afraid of that.
Stop procrastination
  • Making a proper time-table will also helps us in dealing with the tasks we’re assigned. We should always add small breaks in our time-table. They’ll helps us in mind refreshment. Consequently, it will helps us in having a clear mindset of the work we have to perform.
  • Be focused on the work you’re doing. We should try avoiding distractions like using you’re phone and start scrolling social medias. That will cost you’re work time being wasted on this nuisance stuffs.
  • Firstly , tackle tasks that you think are tough . If you’re able to complete tough tasks then all you’re work after this will seems easy for you. Hence, it’s a human tendency to think like that.
  • If you get stuck on some tasks don’t quit the work .You could take help of someone you think is efficient in this . Of-course, quitting the work is not the solution for anything.


There’s a saying that “ Actions today can prevent a crisis tomorrow “. The procrastination habit can became a termite of our lives . Due to this you can face in-numerous difficulties in you’re life.

We should self analyze ourselves. Besides this if you think that you have become a procrastinator ,try getting rid of this .

 Sometimes this habit turns into a state of mental illness then you should approach you’re well-wisher. Talk to them about how you feel , how can you work on it . As you can delay but time will not .

   “ My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time” – CHARLES DICKENS

Author : Kritika Agarwal

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