Project development in Nicobar Island: Is Galathea bay facing threats?

New project development in Nicobar is likely to start soon. Activists claimed that NITI Aayog project will integrate the island. Due to this ongoing pandemic, the Central government came forward with the idea. This idea stated that we have to start developing our southernmost and largest islands i.e Nicobar Island. Hearing this news, many environmentalists left stunned.

Despite this, the government’s major goal is to build an airport, a mega-transhipment facility, a township, and a massive solar-power development.

Nonetheless, the administration argues that the project and its development will result in a massive increase in tourists, which will boost the economy. This project spanned around 166 square kilometres. Furthermore, the project’s anticipated cost is Rs. 75,000 crores. The issue is primarily one of tribal land loss, as well as a threat to all protected species.

According to reports, the government committee held a meeting on February 4th regarding project development in Nicobar. They agreed to denotify the area of the tribal restricted territory, which is approximately 6 square kilometres, at this meeting. However, there is no formal notification.

Project development in Nicobar island

Despite this, Pankaj Sekhsaria is conducting a study on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ disputes. He appears to have mentioned that Galathea Bay is in peril. The project also poses a threat to Nicobar shrews, great Nicobar crakes, and Nicobar frogs. Some experts may be concerned that the number of trees that will be taken down will be in the millions.

Let’s wait and see what the administration has to say about this.

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