Puerto Rico Telescope collapsed; was starred in James Bond movie

One of the immense radio telescope, the Arecibo Telescope located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico crumbled. As per officials, it has been taking damage since August. In fact, this telescope contributed greatly to astronomy. For more than 50 years, it assisted in the possible locating of the species in the far universe. Specifically, it used to receive radio waves from outer space. Thus, The telescope was a vital tool for earth-based astronomers.

The instrument platform of the degrading telescope weighed 900 tons. Cables suspended it 450 ft. above a bowl-shaped reflector dish. This dish measured 1,000 ft. (in width). The platform was sustaining continuous damage and therefore broke down (on this Tuesday).

as per National Science Foundation (NSF) ,USA

Apart from that, the telescope assisted in gaining the info. from other planets. Also, to deduce the possible risk factor from asteroids.

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Focal Point of the Incident

In August, the authorities had to close the monitoring center because the two supporting cables fell apart. The engineering firms maintained by the University of Florida holds the supervision of this observatory. Accordingly, they intended to determine the methods for repairing the damages. Finally, they reach the conclusion that repair work can prove lethal. Therefore, it will be better to terminate the structure.

There are many other scientific resources that are located in the observatory. Firstly, a facility to survey the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. Secondly, a 40 ft. tall telescope used for radio astronomy research. The falling of cables resulted in a major wreck to the observatory’s learning center.

the Puerto Rico telescope became famous after appearing in the James Bond movie
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On the top, the Puerto Rico telescope became famous after appearing in the James Bond movie. The name of the movie is GoldenEye, released in 1995. Above all, Pierce Brosnan played the role of English agent 007.

Although, the NSF has not mentioned what caused the initial failure of cables. They will deduce some methods in the near future to maintain the pace of research work. Furthermore, the university will soon be granted permission by the agency for linear payment to the Arecibo staff.

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