Racism in Prostitution: Black Women In The ‘Kitchen’ of New Delhi

We all are aware of prostitution but do we know about the ruthless existence of Black prostitution in the heart of New Delhi? Recently, racism in prostitution has become common. Investigations reveal that in the shadow of horror, tons of girls are imported to New Delhi. Then, in the name of fake jobs , they are made to work as prostitutes. Here, the most surprising fact is- they don’t sell their bodies to Indian men. But, to the men of their own Race, i.e., Black men.

Racism in Prostitution- The How’s and Why’s

Due to our ignorance, racism has started to get uprooted in prostitution as well. Here, black women are distasteful to Indian men, and white women are scared to sleep with Black men. In both the cases, the communities have restricted within themselves like before, even in prostitution. Every day, women come to India from Kenya. They are forced to adopt prostitution as their profession until they pay off their debt with interest. 

Story of Grace

In 2018, BBC African Eye covered a story on this heart-wrenching issue of Black prostitution of young Kenyan women. There a brave lady named Grace, for the first time, voiced up on this issue. She expressed, “I am a singer, I am a musician, I am a dancer, and I’m an actress. I want to become famous”. But she was tricked by some agent. Then, she was brought to India. She was forced to sell their body in specific nightclubs and pubs named ‘kitchen’. Even, she had to work according to their whim because of a debt of $4,000 with interest. Thus, her struggle continued there for her little daughter. 

She informed the journalist that once she received a post in a Whatsapp group offering work in India for dancers, hostesses, and tourists. She couldn’t possibly turn down the lucrative opportunity to earn good money. When she arrived in Delhi, she was received from the airport. After which, she was taken to an apartment where she noticed four-five other girls like her, staying there. This made her realize that her decision to come to India was not a very wise one. It became her nightmare soon as she was trapped in that racket of prostitution which has no way out. Clients visit their apartment, and they are mostly Black men. Then their job was to serve them and be a part of their ugly fantasy. 

A Shocking Truth

Racism in Prostitution- Hows and whys
Credit- Dreamstime

Many of us are still blindfolded about the fact that a city like New Delhi has separate prostitution courts for Black men in the name of ‘kitchen’. Here, tons of Black women are trafficked to please Black men. Under this surge of racism, Black men who are currently staying and working in Delhi have to face ills of racism even in sex and pleasure as white girls often deny to sleep with Black men.

This story unfolds another chapter of a Black secret which we need to witness and be aware of. Even in this 21st century, we are not yet over Black hatred and racism. We are carrying the uncanny burden of gender segregation and discrimination in a blend. 

Author- Oindrila Shome

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