Railways Tallest Bridge-Everything You Need to Know

The Indian railways will become the growth engine of the nation’s ‘Vikas Yatra’Shri Narendra Modi

Indian Railways- The fourth-largest railway network in the world(by size). As per March 2019, IR provides occupation to 12.27 lakhs employees. Globally, it is the eighth-largest employment providing organization.

Although it has linked most of the country, the northeastern parts have constantly been a hard case. Due to high terrain and complex geography, it always proved a bit tricky for IR.

World Record in Progress!

Despite all the odds, the North East Frontier railway zone is fabricating a towering pier bridge in the Manipur state.

This bridge is the expertise of best in class engineering performance. As one of its pier heights 141 meters. On one hand, This will crack the record of Mala- Rijeka Viaduct, Montenegro. It stands at an elevation of 139 meters. On the other hand, the bridge will measure a distance of 703 meters.

The formation of this bridge is occurring across the river Ijai near the Noney district. The JiribamTupul- Imphal new BG line project includes this bridge. It was granted in the year 2008 with a funding of 13,809 crores. Besides, the construction of piers is in the process (using Hydraulic Augers).

Source– The Hindu

The total length of the bridge will be of 703 meters. The tall piers needed specially designed ‘slip-formtechnique to ensure continual and efficient construction.- Remarked by a senior railway official.

Furthermore, he said that “The steel girders are pre-fabricated in a workshop, transported in segments and erected at the site by Cantilever launching scheme”

Specifically, the entire project comprises 45 tunnels. Tunnel no. 12 which is 10.280 km in length. In the North-East, it will be the longest railway tunnel.

“To ensure the speedy delivery of men and material to the top, ‘self-erecting‘ electric lifts are utilized for each pier”

NF railway official said.

Pillar of tallest railways bridge
Source Time of India

Railways- Creating Milestones

The project falls in the category of National Project. Therefore, for the last three years, its construction is at a fast pace. In addition, close to March 2022, it will finish.

Above all, the central government has framed the strategy to link all the North-East states (involving IR). On the top, this will be a landmark in the history of India as well as Indian Railways.

Authored by: Ayush Joshi

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