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Reasons to join the security forces of India-an analysis of benefits

India is a nation of vast diversity. So is the culture, process, and problems encountered in each aspect of life by the people on various grounds. To protect the nation and the harmony of people living in it a larger group of professionals and front-line warriors. They work day and night at the risk of their life and family. There is a reason why one must choose to join these security forces in India and continue it as their career. Financial security and respect in the society may arise first in everyones mind. But there are other reasons too.

Security forces of India

On the occasion of national security day falling on March 4th of every year, we must remember all the uniformed services or security forces of India striving in their way to preserve the happiness and harmony of every public living in the nation.

The security forces may comprise of

  1. The armed forces
  2. Central armed police force
    • Border security force
    • Central industrial security force etc.
  3. Central investigation and intelligence institutions
    • The central bureau of investigation
    • Income tax department etc.
  4. Central forensic investigation
  5. Special protection group
  6. State police force

Reasons to join security forces of India

Pride of serving the nation

We have heard the stories of various national leaders who fought bravely for our nation. We will get the same emotion and pride every day while stepping out to serve the country as a part of our day-to-day life.

Respect in society

When someone says that he is from the armed forces or uniform service or any security service, the respect you will get among the civilian society will be at another level. You will be the first person to be sought for any issue in your locality whether it is a small town or a well-developed city. This respect lasts even after your retirement and even after the demise, your family will enjoy the respect.

Exposure to arms

Especially while serving in the armed forces one may come across to practice the specialized arms or military weapons which will be illegal to practice for any civilian. In the case of higher grade officers, more exposure to a higher level of arms and artilleries is used during severe war conditions.

Fitness with discipline

When you may happen to come across any security force officer, nevertheless of the case in duty or retired, one will never forget to praise the physique and posture of the officer. It all starts during the very first of the day of your training. You will be introduced to a certain set of rules and conditions. You will be given hard exercises and an equal amount of awareness about the work you are going to pursue. The daily routine of exercise and resulting fitness will automatically incorporate the idea of regularity and discipline in all courses of their lives.

Financial security

There is no doubt that one will get a good amount paid for their service to the nation in any government concern. Besides, there are several other benefits and facilities in being a security force personnel. They are

  • Retirement benefits of getting a good amount of pension
  • Health insurance and reimbursement
  • Discounted prices at the army canteen
  • Schools for children near the quarters with low fees, high quality, and good facilities
  • 30 to 60 days of compulsory leave in a year
  • 15 days of leave in case of emergency.
  • Allowances including vehicle, quarters, medicines, etc.

Exploring various places in India and around the world

Serving in a security forces means the person is a central government employee. The government has the authority to place him in any part of the country and serving for at least one to three years in that locality. The first thing an officer should know is the nature and people in that area and work for their betterment. In the same course, one will come to enjoy various places and cultures around India with family. In the case of the Indian navy or any other department that deals with international affairs there is a chance to visit places outside India.

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