Role of biomedical waste management in India during Covid-19

In India with the increase in corona patients, the biomedical waste by them has also increased, hence its management is inevitable to avoid further spread of diseases.

From day one of corona attack, many countries has been exposing their real face. They are lacking in medical facilities and the waste disposing efficiency. There are 146 tonnes of biomedical wastes produced per day due to covid-19 in India according to Indian Medical Association

Let’s take a quick look on what is biomedical waste and will discuss about the scenario in India.

Biomedical waste

Any material that is associated with the treatment of patients is called biomedical waste. For instance from the surgical equipment to cotton or bandages, from injection syringes to tumours and other body wastes comes under the category of biomedical waste.

Role of vaccination in India and biomedical waste management

Biomedical waste management
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In India central pollution control board (CPCB) takes care of the biomedical waste management during the covid-19 time. It ensures the safe and effective disposal of medical waste. Also they dispose them so that the waste material doesn’t cause any type of harm or disease. There are certain guidelines for doing biomedical waste management.

Few guidelines regarding biomedical waste management

Regarding biomedical waste management government, the CPCB board has ordered to follow some guidelines. Few of them are

  1. Use coloured dustbins for segregating at the place of use.
  2. PPE, gloves, mask, should be collected after use in separate bins
  3. A separate record should be maintained for waste management related activities and should be reported to the control board.
  4. A separate app called COVID19BWN is available in google play store for making the biomedical waste management easy. It will be helpful for hospitals for reporting the biomedical waste management status.

Categories on biomedical waste management

Based on the intensity of hazard, the biomedical waste management workers seggregate the waste. They are named Yellow, red, blue and white


This yellow category covers the major part of biomedical wastes produced. The sanitation workers either burn or bury the waste.


Recyclable wastes such as tubes, bottles, catheters, gloves etc.. The sanitation worked shred(breaking into pieces) and autoclave( steaming to very high temperature).


Glassware and metallic body implants come under this category. The sanitation workers disinfect and reuse the waste


The sharp metals including needles, syringes, surgical knifes etc. Autoclaving and shredding and then encapsulated in iron foundries.

Concern over biomedical waste management workers

Possible materials through which corona can spread during biomedical waste management are

The PPE kits, gloves, masks, etc., injections, Paper, utensils, Oxygen masks etc..

These materials when they come in contact with an unprotected human will surely spread the virus. Hence biomedical waste management in the case of covid-19 is inevitable. So as the biomedical wastes management workers. So we must give atmost care to them.

Biomedical waste management in India
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A word on sanitation workers

All over the world it is the sanitation workers who work as the front line warriors. They put their life under risk and work on biomedical waste management. They are least valued but the work they do is the most precious one. We can see in the news and in reality how many doctors, nurses, medical staffs and sanitation workers have laid their life at risk. They continuously work for the better health of the patients against covid-19.


The officials are working fast to administer the vaccine to everyone. They are rendering their duty with atmost sincerity

It is also our duty to cooperate with them and be safe. Use mask and sanitizers regularly. Avoid crowds and follow government norms. The hospital beds are also filled and there is shortage of medicines. Hence, we should never be a burden to our country. Contribute your part by staying home and staying safe.

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