Self- introspection: The key to unlock the best in you.

Self-introspection, as the name suggests is all about your own self. It simply means self-analysis. Basically, knowing all about your inner self is self – introspection. As per psychology is concerned, the process of introspection is all about one’s mental state, whereas in spiritual context, it may refer to the observation of one’s soul.

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What does self-introspection mean?

It is really important to know about the most important person in your life. Let’s start with a question first. So, who is the first person that comes to your mind if you’ve been asked for an important person of your life?

Well, surely you have been immediately ended up conditioning different people in your life whom you are close to and your loved ones. But here you go wrong. The real answer to the question is ‘you’. But very few of you might have come up with this answer. Can you even imagine a life if you lose your inner self? Nobody can be more important for you than you yourself I guess. So, you’re all you have and nothing would have been same without you.

So, this is what self introspection revolves around. Self introspection involves examining one’s own thoughts, ideas, feelings , and sensations to gain insight. It’s all about looking inward and give some time to yourself each and every day. Anyone who knows about you the most is only you.

What does it involve ?

Although you might be busy at a present state as you are living in this digital world. Where life has become so busy that people are just running an unending race, it becomes necessary to pause for a while and introspect yourself.

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You must talk to yourself, think about yourself and ask some questions to yourself that are important for you and your life. What did you do today? Are you enjoying the work you are doing? What productive are you doing in your life? Are you Happy and satisfied with your Life? Is it your best or improvement required?

You need to find out the answer to every single question here that is related to you. And that can be done only by the method of self introspection. It can take you to the every answer you are waiting for.

Why is it so important ?

This self observation is very important as it’s kind of regular check on your self-development that helps you to know what you have achieved so far. It will help you know about your weakness & strength. It is the main key to unlock the best in you. If you are facing failures in your life, you can use self – introspection as a tool to overcome with it.

Self reflection helps in building emotional and mental self-awareness. You gain a better understanding of your emotions and driving factors. Once you understand important aspects of the self, you become better able to adapt to changing situations and tough circumstances around.

By self- introspection, you start trusting your guts rather than doubting it. It helps you make better decisions. If you have not set an overall goal in your mind, you’re doing nothing actually. Any of your daily work becomes meaningless. But if you regularly introspect yourself, it can help you stay focused on the bigger picture of your goal.

Introspection also allows you to admit your fear. You all know that every other person here is afraid of something. Whether its failure, rejection or anything, everyone have fears. Introspection strengthens you to face that fear, and eventually, you will get to know the best way to handle it. And of course how can you get out of a fear if you haven’t admitted that. So yes, you need to face that to get out of it obviously.

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It can actually help you to define your own happiness, which means more positivity in your attitude. Because only when you get to know where you’re lacking, you become able to improve yourself in a better way. It can help you get rid of toxic people who hold you back and look forward to your own self. When you get to know about yourself, you realize your worth.

The positivity brought by this self introspection can make you a happy go person. And that’s what is important for every individual. For this all, you need to introspect yourself. So,this is how self introspection plays an important role in the life of every individual.

Author : Subhasmita Nayak



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