Sushil Kumar arrested for murder: Has the wrestler-criminal nexus Busted?

The Delhi Police arrested the two-time Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar. He was arrested along with his Co-accused Ajay. They were detained from Mundka Area, Sunday morning. Thus ended the 19-day long chase that had started after the murder of Sagar Rana- a junior wrestler. Following this, Sushil has been sent to 6-day police custody. Now, all eyes are on the investigations that will follow!

The Incidence

Sagar Rana had been the Indian junior national wrestling champion! He also won a gold medal at the National Championship in 2018. Sagar was preparing for the upcoming nationals and Olympics! He practiced in the Akhaada Chhatrasal Stadium.

The incident took place on the night of May 4. Sagar, the victim, is said to have been a rental at one of the flats of Sushil’s wife. This flat is located in Delhi’s Model Town. The argument started because of some monetary issues. Later, Sagar was murdered outside the parking lot of the stadium. Two of Sagar’s friends were also injured! Sushil Kumar’s involvement in the case came as a big shock to the entire nation. Since then, Sushil had been on a run!

The Allegations by the Delhi Police

The Delhi Police Special Cell has alleged that Sushil Kumar was present at the crime scene. Not just that, he even ordered one of his men, Prince, to record a video when Sagar was being beaten. This was done so that he could instill fear in the other wrestlers. So, no one in the future dares to offend the two-time Olympic medalist. 

Wrestler-Criminal Nexus Behind this Incident?

Sushil Kumar Detained
Source- India Today

Wrestlers are most respected as well as most feared athletes. At times, gangsters take the advantage of this and use these wrestlers to instill fear in the Public! This nexus has continued for a long time! India Today Sources have claimed that this incident is also related to the crime lines.

Sonu Mahal, one of the friends of Sagar, who also received some injuries while fighting alongside Sagar, is the nephew of the most wanted criminal of Delhi Haryana. He is Sandeep Kaala aka Kaala Jathedi. Sushil Kumar’s relations with Kaala Jathedi were good enough but they have soured after the incident. In fact, Sonu too has a total of 19 criminal cases charged under his name!

Neeraj Bawana Gang Supporting Sushil?

Various sources claim that the Bawana Gang supported Sushil during his clash with Sagar. Later, Sagar succumbed to his injuries. At one point, Neeraj Bawana, the leader of the gang had an award of Rs, 5 lakh under his name! Though, he is behind the bars, but continues to run the gang from inside the jail!

Sushil Kumar has confessed to being at the murder spot. He said that he was unaware of things escalating to such lengths. Irony is that Sushil Kumar was Sagar’s idol and role model!

Sushil Kumar in Controversies

Before this instance, Sushil Kumar was also caught up in another controversy back in 2016. With increasing age and youngsters adding more competition, Sushil had a struggle for form in 2015. He was also allegedly injured! Though, in the nationals, he had been defeated by Narsingh Yadav.

NarSingh Yadav Sushil Kumar rival
Source- Kridangan

Yadav won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth in Men’s freestyle 74 kg category. He had defeated Sushil in a trial match and was all set for the Rio Olympics 2016. Months before the Olympics Narsingh tested positive for a banned drug! Though he failed the Narco test and was given a ban for 4 years, the wrestler kept crying of sabotage. Initially, Sushil Kumar had demanded a fair trial for the selection to Rio, to which Narsingh had agreed. But, Sushil did not show up on the day of the match on the allegations of injury! This incident had added a dark chapter to Sushil Kumar’s glory, though everything was washed off seeing his name and fame! 

Narsingh kept claiming innocence, still he completed his ban last year. Now, he is contesting in Men’s 79 kg category!

In 2018, Sushil’s fans beating up wrestler Parveen Rana during the Commonwealth games trial also tarnished Sushil’s Image! Satpal Singh, Sushil’s coach and father-in-law, who also was a member of the wrestling federation too was accused of favoring Sushil.

Sushil Kumar- A Legacy Tarnished

India’s most decorated wrestler, two-times Olympic medalist, and ardent pupil, the list could have continued in golden words. But, this incident surely has shaken the hearts of many young wrestlers who looked up to him as an idol. The irony is, a good or honestly, a great wrestler, who also worked his hardest to gain this reputation, got into the world of Crime. Weirdly, Sushil’s arrest came on the day the world celebrates World Wrestling Day! Though Sushil’s contribution to the world of wrestling cannot be undermined the way things have turned out, the legacy has surely been tarnished!

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