Taiwan Responds, ‘Get Lost’ on China telling Indian Media not to claim Taiwan a Country

China angered as Taiwan places advertisements in leading Indian newspapers to mark its upcoming national day.


China’s claim on Taiwan

The commercial statement hailed India as a natural associate of Taiwan. It also carried the image of president Tsai Ing-wen. Taiwan’s relation with that of China is controversial in terms of Taiwan’s independence. Moreover, China claims it as its territory. Although, the Government of Taiwan has been declaring formal independence continuously. This comes just after the months of deadly clashes between India and China over a border dispute. The controversy erupted when Indian sentiment towards china is full of enmity and suspicion. Well, the clash at Galwan was unavoidable. Furthermore, this has annoyed the Chinese who immediately wrote to the Indian media and called on them not to refer to Taiwan as a nation. The Chinese embassy sent a letter to the Indian media. And urged to follow one china policy.

Meanwhile, show displeasing by telling does not violate it.”There is a free media in India that reports on issues that they see fit”.

Taiwan’s story Ahead

Taiwan’s foreign minister mocked China over the letter it sent to the journalists. Taiwan strongly reacts to china’s word to Indian media.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Tweet

 Taiwan called china trying to impose censorship on India after its embassy cautioned India to analyze one china policy.

Sharing his views with Financial Express Online, Prof Rajan Kumar, School of International Studies, JNU, says,

Democracy works on the basic principle of the freedom of expression as a fundamental right to the citizens of India. The Constitution of India undertaken this, and no government can take it away from the people or the press. But, there is no way a government can supremacy the media outlets and adapt to the press.

Taipei skyline at night in Taiwan

India has no official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, they have close trade and cultural ties. Taiwan celebrates its National Day on October 10, also known as double Tenth day. Likewise, It celebrates the beginning of the 1911 Wuchang Uprising in China.

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