Tandav: Hurting Sentiments to Make a killing?

Tandav- Amazon series is facing accusations of hurting religious sentiments. Complaints are that the Hindu God and Goddess are portrayed in a disgraceful manner. Tandav makers have already apologized for unintentionally hurting the religious sentiments of the community. However, the makers and writers have called it a mere piece of ‘ fiction’. 

Cast and Crew of Tandav

Altogether there are 96 actors in the Amazon Series. Still, the cast mainly facing accusations are – Saif Ali Khan, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub.

  • Director– Ali Abbas Zafar 
  • Producer– Himanshu Mehra, Ali Abbas Zafar, Sanjeev Gupta, Anup Poddar, Navmeet Singh 
  • Writer– Gaurav Solanki, Ali Abbas Zafar.

The cast and makers have already apologized for the matter. 

Source: IMDb

The series released on 15 January (Friday). Since then it received a bagful of criticism and hatred. The issue caught fire after cases were filed against it. In the states of UP and Maharashtra, the initial cases were filed for Tandav hurting sentiments. Consequently, protests and calls to boycott the film are rising. 

What Ignited Anger (Scene from Tandav hurting sentiments)

A set of scenes sensed sensitive topics that might hurt the sentiments. Not just the religious part but political controversies have caught the attention of the audiences. Yet, the portrayal of ‘Hindu God’ in the series raised anger among the audiences. 

The assigned actor dressed up in a coat pant with blue lines painted on face trying represents Lord Shiva. Regardless of how devotees worship Lord Shiva. Thus, Tandav is hurting sentiments
The scene

The scene- The assigned actor dressed up in a coat pant with blue lines painted on his face represents Lord Shiva. Regardless of how devotees worship Lord Shiva.

Further,  Lord Shiva is inquiring on how he can maintain his popularity, while Lord Ram is gaining more popularity on social media. Moreover, he asks if he must change his display picture.

Additionally, the story involves a university, students, and other sensitive characters.  It even involves topics like Independence, women, caste- system, and others in a questionable manner for a few communities and related. Hence, those are considered to represent certain previous political incidents or personalities.


Various famous politicians and personalities have raised concerns over it. Plus, removal of the scene and demands for an apology by the makers and actors of Tandav. 

Despite the legal proceedings, the people have reflected anger. Also, demanded Ban of Tandav in India. So, this became a serious concern amid the escalating anger. Subsequently, there is tightening of security outside the residence of actor Saif Ali Khan, Amazon Office, and at the director’s residence.

Earlier, In 2020 the OTT platforms came under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Therefore, people are asking for intervention by the ministry. Prakash Javadekar is the official head of the ministry. Resulting from this, the ministry has asked for a formal response from Amazon.

Nevertheless, MIB informed makers about the complaints and grievances from the public. Later the makers- Himanshu Mehra and Ali Abbas Zafar addressed the public with apologies. They promised to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

All in all, the Tandav is another digital content that has knowingly or unknowingly hurt the sentiments of its audiences. Perhaps, it is trying to spread a strong message, Tandav makers and cast are all caught up with allegations.

It is not the first time such allegations have paved their way. In conclusion, the public is demanding stricter actions to avoid such acts in the future.

Author: Mansi Goel

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