The form of art or practice in which skin is marked with persisting designs which is done by inserting inks, dyes, and pigments to the skin is called tattoo. The art of making tattoos is tattooing.

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Balance is what governs everything in this world. Moreover, everything is good to some extent as well as bad if limits are being exceeded. So, let’s give a look at both aspects.

Tattoo : Good Aspects :

  • Tattoos are a great way to reflect our individuality without expressing. Therefore, it’s an art that is self-expressive.
  • It helps to depict the innovational as well as creative side of a person.
  • It can help to hide permanent scars or surgery marks. Hence, does not only boosts self-confidence but also self-esteem in oneself.
  • A study published in the American Journal Of Human Biology uncovered that tattooing serves to inoculate the immune system. As a consequence of it helps to boost the immune system
  • It’s a unique piece of art which you’re able to wear for a longer time.

Tattoo : Bad Aspects:

  • Tattoos aperture the skin which means that skin infections along with other complications might occur like allergic reactions, blood-borne diseases, or MRI complications.
  • Visible body art i.e. tattoo is considered inappropriate in the professional world,. Due to which you might become ineligible for your dream job. Example: civil services.
  • According to research, the tattoo plays a crucial role in the aging effect. Therefore, it makes us look older than the actual age.
  • Tattoo marks you as unacceptable for the blood donation
  • Improper sterilization of needles leads to lethal diseases like Hepatitis, AIDS crops up.


The present generation of ours keeps up with an open attitude. It becomes a symbol of fashion, uniqueness and they feel that it looks cool getting a tattoo. Consequently, our society is so freaking judgmental regarding tattoos. That they judge a person even if he is having a small, invisible tattoo.

In my opinion, Everyone is unique whether they know it or not. Our body is a temple, we can decorate it however we want. It’s totally up to the person whether to get a tattoo or not. Until and unless a person’s medical conditions are up to the mark.   

Author : Kritika Agarwal

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