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Over 7.9 million people in Texas are still facing disrupted water supply. Texans face a huge crisis.

A total of 147 Public water systems that are serving a population of more than 33,000 people are non-operational. 4 PWS wastewater treatment facilities also was non-operational.

The record-breaking freeze left the water supply disrupted. This resulted in worse situation for 7.9 billion people.

The advice was given to Texans to boil water before drinking. Though all the plants were back on the weekend. Also, power has been restore to most homes as the weather gone normal.

Around 6 PM on Monday, more than 1200 water tanks were non-operational.

People on Monday could use water without boiling as it was safe.

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas said late on Sunday that he has also joined Texas Air Guard, National Guard and the U.S. military to distribute water. 

“We distributed around 3.5 million water bottles to people ” Governer said.

Widespread blackouts caused because of deadly winter storm that came across last week in Texas, a state unaccustomed to extreme cold, killed more than a dozen of people and a power cut for more than 4 million people.

Plumbers from different states came to repair the bursted pipes. People who have no insurance of their house can seek help from Federal Management Agency(FEMA), governer stated.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a U.S representative on a late Sunday said that she has written $5 million in her fundraising to help the Texans to come out of the crisis of this winter storm. 

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