Recently, do you keep your phone away because it is hurting your eyes? Also, do you suffer frequently from headaches? Well, one of the reasons could be the prolonged screen time. It has a negative impact on our eyes.

According to a Survey Report by the Times Of India, the average screen time of Indians has increased by two hours. This significant increase happened during the first lockdown.

It can be because of many reasons. Namely, work-from-home, school-from-home. People staying more at home and binge-watching online shows.

Even digitalization played an important role in this. Staying home, people opted to shop online. Virtual communication was the only way to connect with friends and family. Hence, all aspects of life were digitally connected. As a result, our eyes went through a lot. 

For example, dark circles, puffiness around the eyes, swollen eyes, poor eye-sight, and irritation in the eyes.

The long-time impact of the new normal will further damage our eyes. We can make lifestyle changes to reduce the damage and provide some relief to the eyes.

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Here are a few things we all can follow. Firstly, take a 10-15 minutes break after a screen time of 40 minutes. The break will give rest to the eyes. Secondly, drink sufficient water to keep the body hydrated. It prevents dryness. Thirdly, splash cold water to get rid of tiredness. Finally, overuse of anything is not good, keep that in mind.

Most importantly, remember to visit a doctor if necessary.

Hopefully, your eyes will enjoy reading this.

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