Data Infringement in BigBasket- Are You informed of this Incident?

BigBasket is India’s leading online grocer lately. Unfortunately, BB faced big data infringement. In this, data of around 20 million users have been leaked. Also, details like emails, names, addresses, etc. are now on the dark web.
On 30th October infringement detected. Cyble detected it and found Bangalore based company’s database on darb web. Additionally, it is sold for over $40,000. The cybersecurity firm said the infringement reported on 14th October.

Despite all these, on 1st November the infringement reported to the BB management. This, in turn, gave the company a decent amount of time to bring all this in the eyes of the public.
Finally, BB said that they have reported this incident to Cyber Crime Cell in Bangalore.

Above all, they are trying to find out how authentic this attack is.

A few days ago, we learned about a potential data breach at BigBasket and are evaluating the extent of the breach and authenticity of the claim in consultation with cybersecurity experts and finding immediate ways to contain it. We have also lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell in Bangalore and intend to pursue this vigorously to bring the culprits to book

– BB.

Later, BB said that they just store people’s emails, contact details, addresses, etc. They do not store any financial information from the people.

Big Basket, the leading online grocer data leaked

Moreover, Cyble reported in August about the data breach faced by Paytm. Thereafter, Paytm told there is no data infringement that took place. It’s just fake news trying to exploit Paytm’s reputation.

Author : Pranshu Agarwal

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