‘The way we treat one is what we get back’. Education trends take new move every other year. Those creepy taunts by parents to children on mobile phones. Above all, Mobile phones are taking complete revenge.

Change in study pattern

This pandemic has changed the world and so the parent’s words too. From keep the mobile phone so that children can study’ to take the mobile phone and switch on your class’. Everything has changed. Don’t use the internet much to no study without the internet. Life has taken a huge turn but this gave us an opportunity to explore. Pandemic taught that life never stops.

We always find a way to get out of the problems be it personal or any pandemic.

Studies are not the same anymore. There has been a drastic change in studies from the past two decades. The new forms of information and technology have resulted in the beginning of many new trends in education.

Students from kindergarten to University use different practical tools for better knowledge. The time and age barriers can do nothing now. Schools now provide career counseling so that students can decide their careers precisely. Universities now focus more on job interviews and internships so that students can get knowledge.

Workshops are conducted by well-managed faculty. Different tools such as role-playing, experiments, practicals, and other modes are there to make the lectures and sessions more interesting.

To make classes fun, teachers create seminars like environment, in which they randomly ask questions and quizzes are conducted.

The new education policy states that every student from class 6th will learn to code. According to that, the mind of the class 6th student will be the same as an engineering student. A lot of emphasis is placed to prepare the curriculum. According to the demands and practices for the field, students want to choose, students are given away for the best career.

Apart from exams, there is field training too for better information.

trends of education- Laptops and mobiles has replaced notebooks
Laptops and mobiles has replaced notebooks.

Benefits of Online Platform

The success story of online education is a significant example. As it is serving people from various backgrounds.

Online education platform has allowed housewives and people in villages to complete and get a better quality education. Online education is most convenient because of its extendibility and expediency. So, it allows learners to learn in a comfortable type of environment and their preferable time.

Online learning is cost-effective and it carries great worth for jobseekers but not everyone has this facility. 

trends of education- Online learning is cost-effective and it carries great worth for jobseekers but not everyone has this facility.
Anyone from anywhere can gain knowledge.

It is noteworthy here that traditional methods of teaching and learning still carry great importance. It is only their integration with new technology and strategies that have introduced many new trends.

‘The innovative minds are all we need so to innovate the world’.

We need to go with the flow so that we can even be a part of the race. 

Author : Ishika Bajaj

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