The Harsh Truth behind Beirut’s Explosion

Pictures show massive destruction caused by the blast in Beirut

On 4th August 2020, the United States Geological Survey detected the explosion of a large amount of ammonium nitrate. The magnitude was measuring 3.3. It was one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history. It happened in the port city of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Moreover, The blast created such havoc that caused 200 deaths and 6500 injuries. The fire was the cause of the blast.

The exact cause is still under investigation.

Reasons for the Blast

The govt. of Lebanon announced the emergency for 2 weeks aftermath the blast. The use of the warehouse at the port city was store various chemicals including nitrates and various components of fertilizers. Furthermore, It is said that the blast preceded by the fire in the same warehouse.

LBCI (Lebanon Broadcasting Corporation International) stated that the workers welding a door in the warehouse is the cause that ignited the fire. Besides that, One of the former port workers stated that he personally saw 30-40 nylon bags of fireworks in the warehouse. Officials assumed that something that was there beside ammonium nitrate might work as a cause in igniting ammonium nitrate.

According to experts,

Ammonium nitrate is safe when stored properly. But if you have material lying around for a long time it begins to decay.

There were many assumptions for the cause of the blast but the truth is still unknown!!

 There were allegations all around on Lebanese Hezbollah group. He secretly stored ammunition, arms, and weapons at Beirut’s port. It caused the blast and 3 lac people to be homeless. As this was the only group that kept arms after the country’s civil war, it holds power in the parliament of the country. Above all, the chief leader of the group, Hassan Nasrallah strongly denied the motion and stated them as rumors. Likewise, He said his officials had nothing to do with the Beirut’s port.

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A protester climbs a statue of men with their arms raised up, planting a special Lebanese flag atop the monument. The flag normally has a red stripe on the top and bottom, and a white stripe with a green cedar tree in the middle. In this flag, the red stripes are replaced with black ones. Behind the monument is a mass of people, leading up to the blue dome of the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. 

There was a mass protest that went on the streets of Beirut. It was showing the anger on the ones who were responsible for the blast. Eventually, the president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun promised a transparent investigation to the citizens. Later, he denied the international investigation into this tragedy as external interference could also have led the blast. The government has ordered officials at the port who oversaw the storage of the ammonium nitrate to be put under house arrest pending the completion of the investigation.

As a result of that, the 20 officials found in the connection of blast were arrested.

It is quite impossible to figure out whether this Beirut explosion will be any different than thousands of other bombings and attacks this country has witnessed that again remains as a mystery.

With this in mind, we need to figure out now is what prevents many from coming into the act, if we truly want to avoid any future disasters.  


AUTHOR : Aashi Bansal

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