The U.S. invalidates self-imposed restrictions on Taiwan

Mike Pompeo is the secretary of state (in the United States). He officially announced the removal of self-imposed restrictions on Taiwan. On January 9, the Secretary of State declared that he is uplifting all the self-imposed restrictions. Hence, nourishing the US-Taiwan relationship. Finally, it will build the steps to U.S.-Taiwan official ties.

Changes Following the Removal: ( Self-imposed restrictions)

Subsequently, the Foreign Affairs Manual regulating the officials about meeting with Taiwan shall be nullified. Only, American Institute in Taiwan will regulate under- Taiwan Relation Act.

Taiwan ranks 10th in terms of trade with the US. The US can never relax its attitude towards
it. The highest rank officials have never visited Taiwan. Similarly, the majority of nations worldwide have followed a hesitant and restrictive nature to Taiwan. This way, they don’t hurt the Chinese government’s sentiments.

However, after the declaration, Taiwan showed contentment. Further, expressed through social

In addition, the US official traveled to Taiwan for official meetings.
At the same time, China indicated great annoyance on it. The Chinese government has
signaled how it can impact the US-China trade and official relations. Following the One-China policy, China claims Taiwan as a part of China. In spite of anything that Taiwan says in this regard. Therefore, It imposes that no nation must form official ties with Taiwan separately. Else they will be considered as an enemy to China and its policies.

Since, China is a huge market and has emerged as a strong, capable economic nation.
Countries for years have assured peace with China by not accepting the “status quo”.

US removes self-imposed restrictions

Nonetheless, the declaration comes as a vital decision under Mr. Trump’s presidency. It is
considered more of a way to poke China. After January 20, Mr. Joe Biden’s administration will
come into action. It will be important if the latter will proceed with or revoke the decision.

If the democratic party moves along with this decision, it can also motivate other nations. Thus, this will ease their guarded nature towards Taiwan.

Author: Mansi Goel

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