The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying No

As we all know that not doing something will always be better than doing something. this statement reminds me of the old computer programming saying, “remember that there is no code faster than no code” and this  same thing  applies in our life also.

The picture shows us the two options rule maker and rule breaker.

When people ask you to do something replied yes  After a few days, You become overwhelmed by how much work you have to complete due to this we get frustrated by our obligations even we are the ones who said yes for the task on the first time.

It’s worth to ask yourself if things are necessary. some are not and some are yes. for not things simply say “No”.

Why we say yes?

We quickly say yes to many requests not because we want to do them. but for not becoming a arrogant, Unhelpful or rude personality to your family, Friends and coworkers.

Saying no to our closed ones can be more difficult because we love them and want to support always. Collaborating with others is a crucial part of our lives.

Due to this reason, it can be helpful to be gracious in your response. Try to do whatever favors you can and on the other side also be warm hearted and direct when you have to say No.

Always remember that find yourselves committed to the things which meaningfully improve or support the person around us.

This picture shows us the yes or no .

There is an issue to think about the meaning of yes or no.

This is similar to a coin as it has two sides.

We use  yes and no in comparison to each other and feels like they carry equal weight. But in reality, they are not only opposite in  meaning but are entirely different.

When we say no, we are only saying no to one option. When we say yes, we’re saying no to every other option.

If you have committed to do something, you have already decided to spend your future time on that. we can also say that, saying no saves your future time. saying yes costs future time. No is like time credit and yes is like time debt.

“No is a decision yes is a responsibility”

The role of No

Saying No is an important skill to develop at any stage of their careers as it retains the important asset of your life i.e time .“If you don’t guard your time, people will steal it from you”

You have to say no to whatever is not leading towards your goals and also to distractions. Once you knocked out your distractions, it can make sense to say yes to any opportunity and make you always move in right direction.

How to say no

 We are  probably too quick to say yes and too slow to say no. Ask yourself where you fall on that spectrum.

If you are troubled in saying no, ask yourself “ if I had to do this thing today, would I agree to do it?” in case if an opportunity is existing enough to leave whatever you are doing now, then say yes. If not, then you should think twice. It is similar to “hell yeah or No” method . If someone asked you to do something And your reply is “hell yeah!” Then do it. If it is not exciting you , then simply say No . Saying  no keeps us to the easier end of this spectrum.

This picture describe us learn to say no.

Upgrade your No

Upgrading your No doesn’t mean that you will never say yes . It simply means that default to say No and only say yes if it really make sense .

“Saying No is so powerful Because it preserves the opportunity to say yes”

This seems like if you can learn to say No to bad distractions, then eventually you’ll earn the right to say no to good opportunities.

The power of No

Most of your efforts are wasted doing things that do not matter than are wasted  doing things inefficiently and in this case elimination is better skill than optimization.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that shouldn’t be done at all”

AUTHOR: illika garg

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